[Homestead] Read behind Condoleeza lines

tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Fri Feb 4 14:09:16 EST 2005

All she's saying is that we've got enough on our plate for the moment in 
Iraq.  But a short while ago the arrested U.S. program for making and 
stockpiling d-e-e-ep penetration bombs ( more than a city block deep) 
was re-activated---the obvious targets being the buried nuke production 
facilities of Iran and North Korea.

For years I have been reading in Arab newspapers about the fourteen 
targets in Israel that Iran Ayatollahs want to hit with nuclear 
warheads.  I hope before that happens the U.S. or Israel destroys the 
buried Iranian nuclear production sites.  To stay alive, the Israelis 
would bomb them, as they bombed Chirac's Osirak reactor in Iraq back in 
1981--- but Israel does not have heavy bombers with sufficient range or 
payload.  Looks like a job for the U.S.

No help from anybody else---you remember the screeching from the U.N. 
when Israel destroyed Osirak?  No screeching when Chirac built it and no 
screeching when he sold Saddam 78 lbs of enriched uranium suitable for 
nuclear warheads.

*Rice: Attacking Iran Is 'Not on Agenda' 
Despite tough new language on Iran, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice 
said Friday that a U.S. attack on the Tehran regime is "simply not on 
the agenda" for now.

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