[Homestead] Precast concrete windows, doors, comment on foamed concrete

tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Fri Feb 4 13:28:03 EST 2005


  (precast window frames,

could make doors too)

http://www.planetaryrenewal.org/ipr/ubs.html  (some

excellent low-cost building ideas here---use mylar wrapped

around precast concrete window frames instead of glass)

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tvoivohzd---because of sheer economic necessity, India has

for some years been a hotbed of house materials, design

and tooling---the Chowkhat cement door is only one of

their achievements)
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Concrete chowkhat frames for doors and windows are

manufactured with a special technique. These chowkhats are

made with cement, concrete and specified fly ash contents.

Reinforcement is also provided to bear tension stresses.

Inserts for fixing hinges, tower bolts, hold fasts etc.

are embedded while casting.


    * 50% saving in cost as compared to wooden chowkhats
    * More durable
    * Fire-resistant
    * No effect of termites
    * Most suitable for economical houses
    * No special skilled labor required for fixing

tvoivozhd---foamed concrete aka aerated, first

commercially produced in the U.S. by Mearlcrete, and

somewhat later by a little five hp foamer unit made in

Waukesha Wisconsin for $800 that I used as an alternative

for Reynolds' aluminum foaming powder for small batches(I

still have a couple pounds somewhere around---bad idea,

unless carefully handled it is very explosive.

 A very good building material for roof decks that every

builder should become familiar with. Useful for other

purposes too, you can control the density from lighter-

than-water 15 lbs per cubic foot to structural

applications beginning around 65 lbs per cubic foot.

Pumicecrete is also a good, lightweight, wholly inert,

insectproof. rotproof material with good insulating

qualities, but too exensive to ship long distances, and

you cannot control its density like foamed concrete.

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