[Homestead] Morning thought

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Thu Feb 3 18:59:05 EST 2005

Hmmm, interesting thought.  I don't think it really relates to FDR or how
much is taken in taxes or social security but rather to what the depression
created -- families moving and moving and moving once again and thus
splitting up.  Then along comes WWII and the mentality of give the kids
everything that we didn't have.  So you no longer have the whole family
living in a relatively small area and you have the gimme generation.  Oh,
and add into that the shrink epidemic with an excuse for everything.

Just a thought.  Yuck what a mess <g>

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From: Melody O. <melody at crecon.com>
> It seems to me that because people are so strapped with taxes and social
> security payments they truly believe that societies problems rest with the
> government rather than with them.  They pay their taxes so their loved
> should just go on welfare rather than ask family for help.  I am just not
> so sure that society is better now than it was pre-FDR.
> Best wishes,
> Melody
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