[Homestead] Morning thought

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Thu Feb 3 12:42:58 EST 2005

>I find that almost (but not quite everyone) sidesteps the real 
>issue.  That is,
>there is a limited percent of the population that can be on some stipend 
>(be it SS, pension, stock yields) and there still be goods and services 
>provided at a reasonable cost.  When 50% of a population is consuming 
>goods but not producing them, . . . .

Yes that is a possible scenario and one the current administration is using 
as a scare tactic. The other side says the possibility is overrated, that 
the projected demographics work partly because there will be greater 
productivity and people will work longer. I believe the system already 
requires gradually later retirement. As for the future economy, choose your 
economist; there are dozens of experts debating that one.

>What do you think will happen when a young worker is told that they must 
>support their immediate family AND two retired people they don't know off 
>his/her income?

That obviously cannot be allowed to occur.

>   Because of SS and such, many people have become cynical of family and 
> community that used to look out after the elderly.

I think people have become more selfish since the days of FDR but most 
people still care about family. Community is still strong in some small 
rural areas but in cities exists only in a few pockets. Many urbanites have 
neither family nor community. The poorest people often lead desperate 
lives, dependent on soup kitchens to stay alive.

>The outrage you think would be forthcoming if great-aunt Myrtle's SS is 
>diminished (or just not raised)

My recollection is my lynch assertion responded to your "the government can 
just cancel the SS system anytime they choose" or something along that 
line. I think the system will stand considerable tweaking, for instance 
gradually increasing the age of entitlement, before the lynch mob gathers.

The issue of demographics as it affects SS absolutely must be addressed. 
The issue of Medicare is actually a bigger problem. The retirement and 
health care distress of today is a direct result of DC Whorehouse 
duplicity, selfishness and lack of attention. Our representatives have done 
a good job of representing themselves but a poor job of representing the 
people except for pork projects. There is a lot of accrued pain that is 
beginning to become apparent. But not enough yet to get the serious 
attention of the complacent public. It's on its way.

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