[Homestead] Morning thought

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Thu Feb 3 07:13:19 EST 2005

>SS though has no such 'roll over' of funds.  It must specifically disburse
>the funds or purchase a type of T-Bill from the treasury specially created 
>only for the SS.  Congress then spends that ... in the view of spending 
>that it disburses it in the budget and then has no way of it being returned to
>congressional control.

The important part is that those invested funds are available when needed 
to pay benefits that exceed SS income. Those T-bills are as sound as the 
U.S. government. Other countries buy them. If the U.S. government fails, 
the international community will largely fail. And we homesteaders will be 
a few of the survivors.

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