[Homestead] Medical doctors under the present system have noconttrol over their work or lives

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Wed Feb 2 18:44:41 EST 2005

VA hospitals are notorious for poor care!  DH's father laid in a bed for a
week before they got him the cat scan he needed.  Then another week before
they decided to continue the chemo he'd been getting prior to admission.
With a fast moving cancer, two weeks is too long.

We still get the Timberwolve newsletters upon occasion and the complaints
about the VA haven't diminished over the years.

However, if one is about to step off this mortal coil, the VA hospital is
the way to go.  They have no restrictions on morphine and if someone is in
too much pain and is terminal, they will up the dose and put the patient in
a morphin coma.  "Regular" hospitals are too worried about a patient
becoming addicted.  Ah, hello, they won't be around long enough to worry
about being addicted.

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> tvoivozhd---Except working for the government---in the military or in a
> Veterans Admnistration Hospital, where the pay is good if not
> spectacular, working hours are reasonable---and they can spend whatever
> time they need with a patient. And wonder of wonders, a Veterans
> hospital is thirty percent more  efficient than the average for-profit
> hospital.  Only if a patient is wealthy enough to go to the Mayo Clinic
> or Johns Hopkins will the medical care be better.  Like Rockefeller used
> to say when queried about what it cost to own a yacht---if you have to
> ask what medical care costs at a half dozen of the best hospitals around
> the country, don't even think about buying it.

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