[Homestead] Morning thought

Melody O. melody at crecon.com
Wed Feb 2 18:23:38 EST 2005

At 03:37 PM 2/2/05 -0700, you wrote:
>>as it stands, the government doesn't *own* businesses.
>The federal government owns the military, which is one helluva business. I 
>believe it is also the biggest employer in the country.

Granted, however, the military could never be feasibly done on a private

Just as a side note, the way that we handle our military is actually
unconstitutional in the way it is being run.  In Article I Section 8 Point
12 it is stated that "The Congress shall have power:  To raise and support
armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer
term than two years;"

>The government would not own the stocks, bonds, etc. in the system I 
>proffered. The SS trust fund would. The trustees would manage the funds for 
>the owners of the system, you, me and the rest of the people who support 
>the system.

That sounds good in principle, but lacking in practice.  The trustees would
end up being federal employees, dealing with a federal program.  As we have
seen in the past with every other program, once a program is ran by the
feds it then becomes a federal program.  The only way what you  are talking
about would work is if all politicians were honest, upright, and acting as
servants of the people; that is how things are supposed to be ran, but
greed and power spoil things. 

>What you should be concerned about is that Wall Street owns the president 
>and the D.C. Whorehouse.

Again, it is about power and greed, which proves that the feds can't be
trusted to run a program simply for the best interest of the people.

Best wishes,

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