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Wed Feb 2 14:16:28 EST 2005

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lurine at softcom.net writes:

> Site references.  You keep talking about this law but I don't find it.  I
> find references within the law to trust funds.

Don't have time to go over civics class 101 with you, Lynda.  It is one of 
the principles upon which government funding is based, it cannot hold money 
obtained by taxation.

> Now, as to your statement that tax money has to be spent, that is not true.
> All federal moneys can be rolled over unless that particular funding acct.
> has rules otherwise.  

Not true.  If funding a appropriated for a certain project, it can be 
disbursed over a number of years, but that year's portion must be reflected in that 
year's budget.  The government is empowered to borrow money (and that is a 
mistake) but it can in no wise carry a material surplus.  It cannot hold cash and 
it cannot invest in the private sector as if it were a corporation or 
individual.  The so called "surpluses" when they occur are applied to the government's 
debt, which is not the same thing as what an individual would call a surplus.


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