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Melody O. melody at crecon.com
Wed Feb 2 12:49:27 EST 2005

At 09:06 AM 2/2/05 -0700, you wrote:

>>Congress has the power to call off the whole scheme any
>>time it sees fit.
>And be lynched.

I'm really sick today, so forgive me if I don't express my thoughts as well
as I should.

Do you really think they'd be lynched?  Figuratively or literally?  I
really don't think so.

Politicians wouldn't just say, "Hey, y'all, we aren't going to give you
social security anymore, so good luck to ya!"  They would tell us that it
is somehow for the national best interest.

Let me give you a few examples.

In 1920, would the citizens of the US stood for the feds to do a background
check before they could buy a gun?  Or get a conceal carry permit?

In 1940, would the citizens of the US stood for the feds to take away
prayers from schools or other public places?  

In 1950, would the citizens of the US stood idly by, allowing abortions to
be legalized?

And in the 1970's, would anyone have stood to have their phone wires
tapped, mail read, search or seizures without a warrant, or US citizens
thrown in prison without a trial?  

All it takes is for the government to begin by changing attitudes and
beliefs starting with children in the public school system.  Then they
create a situation to rationalize the new policies to make the new
attitudes seem logical to the citizens at large.

Take a look at how gullible most Americans are today:  

We have been "terrorized" once...ONCE, and yet our freedoms are swiftly and
surely being taken away.  The Constitution is scoffed at, and the Bill of
Rights are just as surely being swept under the carpet, not to be taught
the original intent of the Founders.  For instance, phone wires being
tapped, mail being read, search or seizures occurring without a warrant,
and US citizens thrown in prison without a trial.  Now granted, the drug
war has created much of the travesties, but they are now being used to hunt
down terrorists.  And our public believes that this is a good thing,
because if you are not guilty you don't need to fear!  I wonder if they
have learned of the Salem witch trials....

The President has created the President's New Freedom Commission which will
allow mental screenings of children without parental notice or consent.  

The President has created the Department of Homeland Security with a
dictator at the head; it is the only agency that I am aware of that sets up
its own agenda and budget, seemingly without any other branch of government
able to over-ride them.  Way to much power has been given to that agency,
and more especially the head of it.  It along with the military are the
only two groups who won't have a budget cut this year.

Many of our fore-fathers' states in 1787 wouldn't ratify the Constitution
without the knowledge that there would be Amendments to secure their
liberties and rights, individually and as a state.  How important are those
same Amendments for our generation?  The people instead say that the
Constitution and Bill of Rights are outdated, and state that the
Constitution is a living document, to be translated differently for our
changing times.  In reality, it is the only thing standing between us and a

So all that it would take to get rid of Social Security is to teach the
kids that Social Security is an outdated method and will not last for them
to be the recipients.  And guess what?  That is exactly what was debated
when I was in high school 20 years ago.  Most people my age don't believe
that Social Security will last until we are entitled to receive it...that
may very well be a self-fulfilled prophecy.

Best wishes,

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