[Homestead] Morning thought

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Wed Feb 2 12:07:46 EST 2005

Well, now, Gene.  You have indirectly offered up the solution.  Take the
money and open a few casinos.  Make millions <g>

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From: Gene GeRue <genegerue at ruralize.com>
> Prices up, yes. As for recklessness, look at the huge success of casinos
> nationwide. We are a nation of gamblers; we have a history of it, in land,
> business and at the gaming table. As for net gain or loss to the economy,
> we can speculate on whether a huge inflow of investment capital would make
> American businesses grow stronger through additional research and
> development and opening new markets. It would most certainly lower their
> capital costs.
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