[Homestead] Will this bruschetta sauce kill me?

Juliana Dutra kila01 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 12:54:06 EDT 2005

Bruschetta uses tomatoes so I imagine the sauce you
buy would be more on the acid side. That is good news.
An acid  ph can prevent the growth of most bacteria.
Some of the Alfredo sauces you buy on the supermarket
use this trick to preserve flavor while being sterile,
i.e., bacteria free.

But an acid ph is no magic killer of deadly bacteria
so you better watch out. The lid going up signals
fermentation which signals bacterial activity. So
every time you eat it you are playing bacterial
Russian Roulette: is it a deadly bacteria this time ? 

Like in Russian Roulette, several safe experiences
don't mean the next one won't be deadly... The sauces
in the supermarket are made under extra clean
condition, to ensure no harmful bacteria gets into a
bottle of sauce. You and the sauce maker should have a
very clean handling of your sauce.

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