[Homestead] Bushgay basher goes down to Congressional Defear

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Thu Sep 30 23:36:59 EDT 2004

Two defeats in one day!!!  He stunk in the debates and even the 100 Repubs
in those judge the debate audiences couldn't make themselves vote for him.
52% Kerry, 17% undecided (same as for Kerry when you realise the audiences
are 50% each party) and only 37% Bush.

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> House Defeats Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage
> *By David Espo* The Associated Press
> Published: Sep 30, 2004
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> WASHINGTON (AP) - The House emphatically rejected a constitutional
> amendment banning gay marriage Thursday, the latest in a string of
> conservative pet causes advanced by Republican leaders in the run-up to
> Election Day.

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