[Homestead] Era of unease.

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Thu Sep 30 20:44:53 EDT 2004

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> DSanner106 at aol.com wrote:
> >I agree with you on that, McCain would be a much better choice than Bush,
> >Kerry. Could you imagine Kerry trying to hold up his vietnam record
> >McCain???? My stepfather was a POW in Vietnam and Kerry's words were
> >in his
> >nose by his captors. In all honesty, I could never vote for Kerry or Jane
> >Fonda for any
> >office.
> >
> >Drew
> >
> >
> tvoivozhd---Jane Fonda was despicable, but the swine didn't KILL any
> Americans. I didn't listen to the Kerry Congressional testimony,
> probably running a factory outside the U.S. at the time.  I would have
> been unhappy with his testimony, though parts were undoubtedly
> true---most of my military generation could have been prosecuted for
> wiping out entire cities under today's so-called international law.
> Kerry did fight, and creditably in a short four and one half months of
> combat---did decide to take his boat and crew head-on into the riverbank
> as opposed to all previous tactics of running parallel to the
> riverbank.  Makes sense, I would have done the same.  Not since Lord
> Nelson has it been a good idea to expose the broadside of a naval vessel
> to enemy fire.
> Four months is not long, but it can be long enough---hundreds of the
> guys I enlisted with died in the first thirty minutes of combat, flying
> helpless P-26's against Japanese Zeroes---doesn't make them lesser
> heroes because of their short term of service.
> Kerry humiliated veterans, but did not KILL any Americans.
> them into combat without body armor and in unarmed Humvees!  But you are
> going to vote for Grunt-Killer-Bush?  I can see someone voting for
> neither Bush or Kerry---anyone voting for Bush does so in the full
> knowledge that he is a Grunt-Killer in addition to running like a rabbit
> from pilot physicals, orders to take his physical,  or or anything else
> that would expose him to enemy fire..A sorry, sorry  officer and a
> really sorry  Commander-In-Chief.  If  he came before me in the
> courtsmartials I set up in WWII, he would be serving twenty years at
> hard labor right now.
> And I don't forget the Grunt-Killer's lies about McCain in the
> Primary..  As I said before, Bush is totally withou honor before taking
> office, during office, and forever after.

<<eg>>  Hey, Drew, did you watch the wannabee cowboy on the Spin Factor?  As
regards the Swift Boats and their ads that say Kerry lied about his service,
O'Reilly asked Baby Bush, "Did Kerry lie?"  The answer, "No."


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