[Homestead] Operation Truth

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Thu Sep 30 20:39:25 EDT 2004

OH, give it a rest.  Potential threat to the res of us, what was Saddam
going to do, fling those rockets with a sling shot?

Saddam was NO eminent threat to the U.S.  Bushy should have gone after bin
Laden.  He didn't, he let him go.  And save your breath, if he didn't have
any qualms about going into Iraq, then he shouldn't have had any about
Pakistan, particularly when he wasn't planning on taking them over.

You don't get to cry "he's a threat" when you are the one that armed him and
set him loose on the world!

Dumbya went into office with the intent of going after Saddam.  He didn't
care what was going on.  The man told his cabinet to find something on
Saddam in the first 10 days of his administration.  They gave him what he
wanted.  Simple as that.  He didn't give a dead rat's patooty how prepared
our soldiers were and he didn't give a dead rat's patooty about anything but
getting Saddam.  Period!

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> Ah, Drew, he did have a choice.  It wasn't a matter of life and death.
> Saddam would have been waiting.
> Ah, but it was a matter of life and death for others, and according to
> intelligence agencies around the world, he had weapons of mass destruction
and was
> supporting terrorists against us. The 3000 dead in NY and the potential
> to the rest of us did make it a matter of life and death. Lets not forget
> thousands of his own people he tortured and killed, You can't just think
> purely of your own skin. We live in a big world where actions on the other
side of
> the world do effect us in the end. We didn't have to go after Hitler, he
> no immediate threat to us, did he??
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