[Homestead] Era of unease.

Jerry W. Shepperd shepperd at austincc.edu
Thu Sep 30 19:46:52 EDT 2004

At 08:25 PM 9/30/04, Tvoivozhd wrote:
>Kerry humiliated veterans, but did not KILL any Americans.

If some veterans are humiliated by another veteran speaking her or his 
mind, they deserve to be humiliated.  Those who disagree with Kerry's 
positions have more than earned the right to disagree, but disagreement is 
not humiliation.  Kerry did not criticize those who served in 
Vietnam.   Rather, he was a critic of the policy that put us there.  Too 
many people, veterans and non-veterans alike, refuse to distinguish between 
service and policy, and thus they confuse the criticism of one for 
criticism of the other.  At the same time, their own egos become part of 
the argument, get in the way of clear thinking, and they begin to 
rationalize, "I served, so the policy must have been right, as I wouldn't 
serve in an unjust cause."  Most were in Viet Nam for a multitude of 
reasons; most likely thought their own opinions were right (although I have 
known quite a few who had no idea what their opinion was), but when the 
first bullet whizzed by their heads, they traded their support or 
opposition of the policy that put them there for the more pragmatic need to 
stay alive and help their buddies stay alive.

>into combat without body armor and in unarmed Humvees!  But you are going 
>to vote for Grunt-Killer-Bush?  I can see someone voting for neither Bush 
>or Kerry---anyone voting for Bush does so in the full knowledge that he is 
>a Grunt-Killer in addition to running like a rabbit from pilot physicals, 
>orders to take his physical,  or or anything else that would expose him to 
>enemy fire..A sorry, sorry  officer and a really 
>sorry  Commander-In-Chief.  If  he came before me in the courtsmartials I 
>set up in WWII, he would be serving twenty years at hard labor right now.

Agreed.  The lack of adequate equipment shows a lack of planning on the 
part of all of the administration officials charged with the responsibility 
for initiating the invasion.  When people are asked to do a job, they 
deserve the tools necessary to do the job.  Bush is not a commander of 

>And I don't forget the Grunt-Killer's lies about McCain in the 
>Primary..  As I said before, Bush is totally without honor before taking 
>office, during office, and forever after.

I disagree with many of McCain's public policy positions, but applaud him 
for his courage, his tenacity, his patriotism.

Jerry Shepperd

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