[Homestead] what's new ?

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Thu Sep 30 18:11:54 EDT 2004

> You don't REALLY think that if we leave all the violence will stop,
and all will be peaceful and orderly in Iraq, do you?  Drew

If you need to read what I think :
no, the violence won't stop. But
have 'we' paid enough in lives,
in the pain of the survivors from 
those lives, and in money for

allowing the cretin in the Wh___
House to stampede 'us' 

into this monstrous stupidity ? Are 
'we' solving their problems ? There
has been religious war there for
centuries, it's there *now*, it
will be there *after 'we're' gone*
*no matter *when* 'we; leave* -
is that clear enough .... ? I would
only add that American and British
companies should be barred from
all 'reconstruction' and that only other
countries who can *prove* *NO* ties 
with American/British corporations
should rebuild - with individual Americans 
and Britons voting on what that total
should be - equally spread among
the people who wanted us there and
the people who "remained silent while
evil triumphed". And you might
remember my income is below poverty
level Social Security benefits but
I would pay my 'fair share', because
my age and infirmity may be a reason
but no excuse for letting that *amoral* 
megalomaniac live.

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