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Look for the dual-fuel woodgas and gasoline carburetor here in back 
issues,  designed by Clarence Goosen in the 1980's apex of MEN ingenuity 
and usefulness.



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          The first book to describe in depth timber framing methods
          used by most contractors, farmers and owner-builders today -
          methods that use modern metal fasteners, special screws and
          common sense building principles.

          *Price: $22.95
          **Item # 2045*


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      Issue #81

*Bits and Pieces 

*Mother's Lifers 
Numbers 5787 through 5816

*Bow and Arrow Can Hunting 
Drinking containers can be used like clay pigeons for archery enthusiasts.

*In Praise of a Patchwork Garden 
Planting a country organic garden with city space constraints, including 
strawberry, pumpkin, potato and asparagus patches.

*Wealth at Your Fingertips 
An economic analysis of home gardens.

*Swarming Season 
Cultivating and keeping bees for a sweet honey crop.

*The Plowboy Interview 
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross discusses life, death and everything in between.

*Mother's Children: More Than Just a Summer Job 
A young girl has fun driving the swather tractor on the family farm.

*The Auto Transport Business 
Moving cars for money makes for cheap travel.

*Fish Farm with Cages! 
Aquaculture made easier with mosquito netting on all kinds of ponds, 
includes obtaining fish and types: bullheads, catfish, trout, sunfish, 
carp, eels, tilapia.

*Run, Chicken, Run 
Building a poultry enclosure with wood and chicken wire, with 
instructions and pictures.

*Ask Our Experts 
Orchard ground cover; keeping a well safe from contaminants; finding an 
energy source for a passive solar log home; judging wood shrinkage for 
cordwood structures; earth sheltered building methods.

*New Directions Radio 
Connecting a personal computer to a HAM rig.

*Build a Bye Bye Blackbird Feeder 
Constructing a wooden birdhouse including materials list, diagrams.

*Finally '- Findhorn Buys Its Birthplace 
Buying land for an environmental residency and vacation community.

*Getting There <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3529>*
Experience natural gardens, Disneyland and airplanes in Japan.

*Successful Swaps 

*Citizen Groups Can Make A Difference 
Grassroots protesting of the sole-source aquifer and the Yellow Creek 
Concerned Citizens.

*We Discovered Self-Reliance on a Maine Island 
Buying land and building a rural home in the Northeast.

*Become an Eggs-Pert 
How to buy, store and prepare quality eggs with recipes for ham and 
mushroom quiche, Swiss pie Florentine, stir fry garden omelet, confetti 
scramble, chicken waldorf blossom, day ahead dinner salad.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3527>*
W.W. Donovan fixes a dead battery with Epsom salts; Norma Sizemore saves 
rice thrown at weddings to cover her sprout jars; Thelma Mahoney 
recommends dropping an expired driver's license in the car door to prove 
ownership in case it's stolen; Virginia McQuitty stores spoons on her 
table for easy access; Ron Bradshaw uses diluted battery acid to clean 
brass fixtures; Sherry Miranda says vegetable bins make excellent barn 
storage bins; Morrow Olcott suggests that discarded seat belts make 
great gate latches; Owen Bradford makes fluffier omelets by adding a 
pinch of pancake mix to the egg batter; Doug Smith stores his spare 
hooks and leaders in a wallet-sized photograph holder while fishing; Don 
Carroll suggests running jewelry through drinking straws to prevent 
tangling; Mrs. Arthur E. Norah browns oatmeal in butter as a substitute 
for nuts in food; Charlotte Pierce puts a colored light bulb in her 
porch light so visitors are sure to find her home; John Onuska converts 
the baskets of old grocery carts into rabbit hutches; Country Monia 
discovered green and blue colors make eaters less hungry, while orange 
increases appetite.

*The Appalachian Moth Bow: Easy To Make and Play 
Building a homemade, wooden oral instrument, music.

*A Rendezvous with Rainbows 

*Pack Burro <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3520>*
History, training and riding a helpful trial mate and animal.

*If You Are Sprayed With Pesticides 
Preparation and protection from an insecticide accident, including 
gathering evidence, reporting the incident, following up, taking it to 

*Report From: <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3517>*
Building a house in the country turns into a permanent home.

*Set Sail Aboard A Windjammer 
A weeklong diary of travel on a wind powered boat.

*Make Superlative Soups All Year Long 
Cooking advice and recipes for vegetarian, vegetable medley, cream of 
broccoli, clear and lima bean soup.

*Hurdles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3514>*
Building homemade, country, wood fences.

*Learn While You Play '- With Stacofax! 
Using old playing cards as memory, teaching and learning devices and games.

*Patching for Pleasure and Profit 
Sewing and stitching advice for making custom clothes.

*An Unparalleled Posthole Digger 
An angled shovel makes digging holes for posts easy.

*Best Bets for Cage Aquaculture 
The best fish for farming including: catfish, trout, bluegill, tilapia, 
carp, eels, bullhead.

*Mother's Herb Garden: Garden Sorrel 

*Taking Care of Each Other: The Work of Eva Salber 
Doctors keeping communities healthy.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3509>*

*A Collapsible Cardboard Pet Carrier 
Building a cheap dog or cat transport device including diagrams and 

*Shelterbelts for Privacy 
Using trees, shrubs, vines and hedges for home, yard and garden cover.

*Bootstrap Businesses 

*Friends of the Earth 

*A Solar Heated Church 
Passive heat building constructed through donations, collections, now 
saves money.

*Building the Sun Cottage: Part One, Site Selection 
Finding the perfect plot for a in ground home, including water, shade 
and soil makeup.

*Biscuitroot: A Spring Bonus for Western Foragers 
Dried roots can be made into tasty pastry, cooking.

*An Owner Build Yard Card for Under $50 
Metal brackets, plywood and wheels form excellent farm materials carrier.

*Probing the Mysteries of the Inverter, Part II 
Power rating, installation, wire sizing, remote switching, safety, 
circuit protectors.

*Terracing with Tires 
Using rubber to prevent erosion, roof sliding on underground home.

*China's Population Crisis 
Reproduction, overpopulation, land use and other problems in the Orient.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3496>*

*Make Your Own Nets 
Building a fishing net including techniques, know examples, pictures, 
diagrams, gauging.

*Sugar Shack A 20th Century Yurt 
Building a wood, wall and rafter supported home.

*Chapters Update 

*Local Self-Reliance 

*Homegrown Music: A Potpourri for '83 
Making a whistle, books for beginners, new instruments and bluegrass 

*Mother's Cut Rate Recumbent Bike 
Building a functional recreation vehicle including diagrams, materials 
and tool list, diagrams.

*My Bicycle Wheel Bean Tower 
Hanging vines from bike spokes great growth in garden.

*A Snake in the Grass 
Reptiles ward off pocket gophers.

*Build a Personal Pressure Sprayer 
Making a sprayer with a refrigerant canister can steam clean an engine 
and is a great tool for the garage.

*Build Your Own Parts Washing Tank 
A barrel and sink make an excellent place to wash tools and work 
materials, includes materials list, diagrams.

*Report From: <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3486>*
Moving to Wisconsin, restoring and fixing up a farm home, planting a garden.

*The Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3474>*

*A Thermos Bottle Carrier from Old Jeans by Mrs. J. Schwartz 
Sewing denim to support drink containers.

*A Backyard Bag Holder 
Lumber and metal clamps secure garbage out of animal's reach and keeps 
the home and yard looking nice.

*Nursery Tales <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3478>*
Sources for antique fruit varieties, including apples, orchards, blackberry

*Spring Cleanings 
Throwing out the garbage and unwanted plants in a spring garden.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Soft Pretzels <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3481>*
Cooking recipes and advice.

*Mr. Digwell <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3482>*

*Photoelectric Smoke Detectors 
Keeping safe from fire with a detector free of radioactive material, 
includes: sources and advantages.

*Down on the Farm 

*Go Sail a Canoe! 
Building a boat that uses wind power on the water, with motor options, 
diagrams, pictures, instructions.

      Issue #82

*Drown Those Fleas 
Placing a pan filled with water and a touch of soap will kill animal 

*Mother's Lifers 
Numbers 5817 - 5846.

*Bits and Pieces 

*The Plowboy Interview 
Russell Peterson discusses environmentalism and taking care of nature.

*And Ground Those Flies 
Trapping flies with syrup in a jar.

*Economic Outlet: Is the Sky Falling? 
The bleak financial future.

*Ginseng: Green Gold 
Planting, preparing, storing, fertilizing and harvesting the ginseng 
herb in the garden.

*A Drip At A Time 
Irrigation with a trap ensures a well watered garden.

*Mother's Children: Make (and Sell) Herb Vinegars! 
Growing basil, dill, garlic, parsley, sage, oregano, savory, chives and 
mint in the garden.

*Raising Goats My Way (If I Could Do It Over Again): Part One 
Herd size, buying, milking and other animal tips.

*A Flatlander's Root Cellar 
Store vegetables underground safely buy building a concrete wall structure.

*Build A $1 Livestock Scale 
Weigh animals with two scales and a wood plank.

*Homestead on a Shoestring 
Building a passive solar, earth sheltered house on a budget.

*A Century of Good Life 
Farmer Scott Nearing recalls his century of living.

*Report From: <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3299>*
The single parent raises two children, gets a college degree and settles 
on country family land.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3298>*
Daniel Warner uses an air pump to separate meat from the bone in hunted 
animals; Doug Quail throws chicken feed around fencing to let the fowl 
pick weeds for him; Eileen Jingo recycles sunflower stalks to support 
string beans; Badger Stator reports sunflower stalks make great 
shepherds' staffs in Christmas pageants; Linda Biracial grows seaweed to 
feed to her goldfish; Mrs. Dennis Austin plans city travel by laminating 
a map and drawing her route with a grease pencil; D. Leverets says a dry 
ballpoint pen works well on carbon paper; David Ennis shares a honey 
candy recipe; Gale Flag uses a cotton cloth and liquid lecithin instead 
of no stick spray; Charles Craig makes his own reflective pet collars; 
Nancy Perry uses rocks to support fence posts; wine vinegar can be used 
to eliminate tobacco and other household odors according to Shirley 
McHenry; Tom Kennedy finds vinegar handy when patching concrete; Billie 
Durham dashes vegetables with vinegar instead of butter and salt; tire 
inner tubes can be recycled as water hoses, gaskets and a variety of 
other purposes; Fran Beckon saves money by having everyone in the family 
use the same natural shampoo; Every Love grows tomatoes upside down in a 
bucket; Zen Colterjohn wraps fragile gifts in disposable diapers for 
shipping; Nancy Piccioni-Hann found masonry wire supports make excellent 
frames for beans and grapes in the garden; Joseph J. Stearn drops an 
alcohol/vinegar mixture in his ears to prevent infection after swimming; 
Dixie McCullough trades her worn vegetable peeler to a friend who uses 
the opposite hand; Ray Anderson rubs crushed garlic on his feet to keep 
them dry; David Byrd sprinkles borax in his shoes to prevent athlete's 
foot; Janis Simmons traps fleas in petroleum jelly; Dennis and Donna 
Cheathem bath their dogs in crushed pennyroyal leaves to prevent fleas; 
Emma Minors keeps her plants healthy by pouring water leftover from 
boiling eggs in the pots; Patricia Vought brews tea in the sun in 
two-gallon glass condiment jars she gathers from restaurants.

*Ask Our Experts 
Growing a garden in rocky ground; using gray water in the garden; 
growing rice in marshy land.

*Recycle Fabric Scraps Into a Picnic Cloth 
Simple sewing and quilt patterns turn rags into outdoor material.

*Successful Swaps 

*New Directions Radio 
Invest in used equipment and low cost, low power rigs for beginner HAM 

*Snipping For Gold 
Panning for gold flakes and nuggets including: equipment, getting 
started, reading the river, techniques.

*Avoiding Foreclosure 
Taking stock of assets and staying out of financial, economic hardship.

*Queen of the Bramble Fruit 
Planting, planning and growing raspberries in the home garden.

*Overcome the Summertime Solar (Greenhouse) Blues! 
Keeping temperatures tolerable for plants, cultivation and watering.

*Kayaking Off British Columbia 
Recreational river travel, including: packing the boat, gear.

*Tepary: The Bean that Laughs at Drought 
Recipes and cooking suggestions for beans, including: refried beans, 
tepary soup, zuni stew.

*Shelling by Foot! 
Soaked beans are husked easier.

*Quillwork: An American Indian Heritage 
Origins, techniques, preparation and how to perform sewing, craft hobby.

*Get Yourself a Toad 
The benefits of amphibians in the garden.

*Self-Loading Pigs 
Self-Loading Pigs by Jerry Genesio Teaching pigs to enter the truck 
directly from the pen.

*Mom's Two Liter Bottle Rocket 
A plastic bottle, pump and compressed air make fun, cheap toy for children.

*Fresh Ideas for Summer Vegetables 
Recipes for onion pie, traditional bean salad, garden vegetables, salade 
andalous, vegetable salad, vinaigrette dressing, Indian squash.

*Dog Packing <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3284>*
Sewing a backpack for dogs, includes instructions, diagrams, materials list.

*Scentsational Rose Beads 
Growing fragrant flowers in the garden.

*Turn Your Turnips into Kraut 
Peeling and pressing turnips make great canned toppings.

*The Stacklumber House 
Efficiently building a wood home with buying advice, tools, foundation 
and floor, walls and roofing.

*Mother's Herb Garden: Sassafras 

*A Home Business Business (It Pays to Advertise!) 
Advertising for home businesses, including pricing, directory design, 
prospects, making contacts, promotion, assembly, distribution.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3274>*

*How To Save Money on Prescription Drugs 
Substitute medicine, investigate costs, generic and alternative pills 
while maintaining health.

*Passive Solar Plus 
Alternative sun energy efficiently powers house.

*Mother's Biplane Glider 
Making a cheap, light airplane toy, with patterns.

*A Successful Lawn Service 
Starting a mowing and tree trimming business, includes starting out, 
getting and keeping customers, protection and clothing.

*Friends of the Earth 

*20/20 Vision without Glasses 
Optical exercises improve eye strength including: palming, blinking, 
sunning, swinging, central fixation, shifting, myopia, astigmatism, 
squint, hyperopia, presbyopia.

*Bootstrap Businesses 

*Creature Comforts: Picking the Perfect Pup 
Finding the right dog, selection, sensitivity, veterinary examination.

*The Backyard Jungle: Part One, Spider Mites 
Small arachnids can damage plants in a garden or orchard.

*A Recumbent Pedal Boat 
Building wood, reclining water transportation, includes materials and 
tools list, diagrams.

*Down on the Farm 

*A One Of A Kind Waterwheel 
Building a wheel in a river or stream provides alternative water energy, 
with planning, framing, diagram and materials list.

*China: On the Brink 
Water control, agriculture, communism, innovations and other pieces of 
Oriental history.

*The Return of the Autoharp 
Folk music embraces wooden, stringed instrument.

*Progress Makes Perfect 
Improving a passive solar house for ventilation, cooling, weatherization.

*Proper Hoof Care (For the Long Run!) 
Finding the right shoe design for horses, hoof structure, trimming, care 
and common ailments.

*A Shade Tree Lathe 
Building a homemade wood tool.

*The Picnic Table Evolves 
Building a homemade, hexagonal, folding, outdoor table, includes 
materials and tool list, instructions, diagrams.

*How Healthy is Your Water Well 
Making sure drinking water, pipes and well construction is sound and 
free of contaminants and pollution.

*Let Worms Eat Your Garbage 
Constructing a wood worm box, lets worms compost trash and waste.

*Spring Steel Paint Scraper 
Carbon steel rods make removing paint, remodeling easier.

*Building the Sun Cottage, Part Two: Cost Control 
Efficient money management of solar passive house, including planning a 
mortgage and utility hook ups.

*Stand Alone: Striving for Energy Independence 
Adding alternative energy generators, solar panels to a home, including 
shopping, equipment information.

*The Case for Environmental Mediation 
Taking care of the planet without compromising progress.

*Weld A Simple Screw Jack 
A baseplate, nut, bolt and pipe form easy homemade tool.

*Beltsville Freebies 
The hornfaced honeybee pollinates garden plants and trees more 
efficiently than ordinary bees.

*A Rolling Dock <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3247>*
Building a sloping pier for the pond.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*The Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3245>*

*Please Eat the Marigolds 
Cooking and preparing edible flowers.

*Mr. Digwell <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3210>*

      Issue #83

*The Dow Jones Has A Problem 
Problems with the stock market and financial investing.

*Bits and Pieces 

*The Plowboy Interview 
Gordon Feller discusses voluntary simplicity, disarmament and the world 
of the future.

*Make a Jack-O-Lantern... And Eat Pumpkin Pie Too! 
Carve and paint a pumpkin and cooking desserts, including recipes for 
pumpkin cheesecake, pie and bread.

*The Aerobics Way 
An introduction to cardiovascular exercise and health.

*Raab: The Uncommon Cole 
Broccoli raab is important in the garden by being a healthy, distinct 
vegetable that is related to mustard and turnips.

*New Directions Radio 
Broadcast enthusiasts make most of new amateur, HAM directory.

*Okara: A Meal for the Asking 
Making and cooking this tasty soy based food, including vegetarian 
recipes for crunchy carobola, apple anarchy, soyburger supreme, raisin 
soy cookies, no meat sausage rolls, corn bread.

*Access <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3196>*

*Cast Iron Ware: The Good Cook's Companion 
The pros and cons of metal cookware in the kitchen, what to look for and 
where to buy, preparing the pans and maintenance.

*Build A Bellows Business 
Making a wood and leather air pump for the fireplace inexpensively, 
including diagrams, instructions.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3198>*

*Ask Our Experts 
The effectiveness of superinsulated homes in the Southeast; keeping 
creosotes out of the chimney from a wood stove; developing a healthy 
vegetarian diet.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3200>*
Lance Mellon sows spinach in autumn for fuller growth; Gary Coffey lines 
plant holes with potatoes before setting shrubberies in place; Charlotte 
Pierce saves Halloween masks to scar away garden pests and birds; B. 
Alice Shipley squirts light machine oil in rabbits' ears in the summer 
to keep mites away; Barry Raygor soaks new jeans in cold water with salt 
to add life to the material; Dave and Julie Piourde pour melted salt 
free butter and peanut butter over popcorn instead of salt; Paul 
Williams converted a dog house to a woodbox; Barbara Burr says an 
animal's gum color can be an indication of health; Lisa Murray doesn't 
prebake her lasagna noodles and they hold up stronger; Sara McGinnis 
makes her own seasoning salts at home; Melvin Gates splits damaged doors 
and uses them for storage shelves; Barbara Angersbach keeps kitty litter 
in her trash can to avoid bad smelling garbage; Mary Siegert bakes 
cupcakes in ice cream cones; Al Smith improves AM radio reception by 
connecting the radio to a broken car radio and tuning both to the same 
frequency; Russell Skinner reports cotton soaked in lard or bacon grease 
is great mouse bait; Mrs. John Schwartz uses a plastic bag for bonding 
in appliqu'^, hemming or other sewing chores.

*Cabbage Magic <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3194>*
Planting multiple heads in the garden.

*Mother's Children: A Pig Bladder Ball 
Hog slaughtering and creativity lead to a fun new toy.

*Transplanting Asparagus 
Finding the right plant, planting techniques, preparing the garden.

*Mother's Lifers 
Numbers 5847 through 5924.

*Buying an Existing Earth Sheltered Home 
Inspecting an underground home, including: structural soundness and 
waterproofing, leakage, heating and cooling, code compliance, questions 
and conditions.

*Raising Goats My Way (If I Could Do It Over Again), Part Two 
Birthing, raising kids, kid care, milking, feeding and medical care.

*R. Buckminster Fuller: 1895-1983 
A look back on the life of the late inventor, author and visionary.

*Gurzo's Gizmo <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3186>*
A 5 gallon container makes an effective garden hose hanger.

*Report From <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3187>*
Cutting back on energy consumption and saving money from utility companies.

*We Fought the Energy Bandits'- and Won! 
Cooking recipes including skillet stew, American-style Chinese fried rice.

*Canning Meat the Right Way 
Cooking and preparing meat for storage, including cleaning, facts and 
recipes for canned roast, hot packed steaks or chops, cold or raw packed 
steaks or chops, wild rabbit and squirrel, boned bird and hot packed 
bird on the bone.

*The Practical (and Profitable) Sign Language 
Learning the language of the deaf can be enjoyable and raise extra 
money, includes alphabet, dictionary.

*Watertest Corporation Makes A Breakthrough 
The importance of a scientific drinking water analysis.

*Mother's Insolation Monitor 
Keeping track of the efficiency of alternative, passive solar energy 
consumption, including construction, site surveying, power production 

*Mother's Herb Garden: Angelica 

*Falling for Apples 
Making cider.

*Introducing our Environmental Hall of Fame 
Biographies of inductees John James Audubon, Henry David Thoreau, John 
Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, Rachel Carson.

*Bootstrap Businesses 

*Try A Posture Desk 
Building a work space from an old bicycle and plywood.

*How to Save Money on Medical Tests 
Questions to ask: necessity of testing, cost of diagnosis, what can go 

*Creature Comforts 
Keeping dogs and cats healthy with pet vaccinations.

*A River Run Ferryboat 
Making a wooden river boat with a pulley and hand winch that runs on 
water power.

*Friends of the Earth 

*Leaning Toward the Future: the 3VG, Part One 
Driving a futuristic three wheel vehicle that combines aspects of the 
motorcycle with the car.

*Save that Sweater 
Patching a moth eaten sweater, clothing with colorful yarn into creative 

*The Spud Gun Revisited 
Making a air powered potato gun toy from piping and wood dowel plunger.

*Relining Masonry Chimneys 
Restoring a fireplace, wood stove chimney with Ventinox stainless steel, 
insulcrete, includes relining sources.

*The Anyone Can Make It Copperhead Survival Knife 
A easy, all metal camping tool, including shaping the handle, shaping 
the blade, construction and diagrams.

*Mom's Marketplace 

*Dry Your Own Corn with Wood 
Building a grain dryer gas tank, water heaters and firebox for the farm.

*Small Scale Trout Farming 
Growing tiny fish commercially, including water advice, facilities, care 
and feeding, ailments.

*Warm Your House With Wall Coverings 
The thermal and insulation values of material for energy efficiency.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Down on the Farm 

*Wrap Yourself in a Rabbit 
Skinning a rabbit and sewing a blanket for winter.

*Gleaning Those Supermarket Fields 
Discarded produce can provide cheap food.

*How To Make And Play A Hammered Dulcimer 
Building a wood music instrument, including materials, instructions, 
tuning and playing, diagrams.

*Building the Sun Cottage, Part Three: Footings, Foundation and Slab 
Installing the foundation, concrete footing and flooring for the house.

*Wholesome (and Free!) Bird Seed 
Autumn weeds, wildflowers fruit and grasses make great bird feed.

*Who Put the Western in Country 
Jimmie Rodgers, the Carter Family and the early days of country music.

*Japan: The Miner's Canary 

*Keep that Saw Running Right! 
Sharpening, cleaning and repairing a chainsaw and engine maintenance 
ensures it will have a long life.

*Dome'-estic Bliss 
Building a dome house from a kit, including manufacturers list.

*Mr. Digwell <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3147>*

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3148>*

*The Sperm Crisis 
While sperm counts are dropping, fertility, culprits, genotoxic effects, 
health and medicine.

*The Backyard Jungle: Part Two, Cabbage Loopers 
This small caterpillar is a garden pest that feeds on plant lives.

*Hoe, Hoe, Hoe <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3151>*
The effectiveness of a power hoe in the home garden.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3137>*

*A Dandy Double Fronted Hunting Vest 
Sewing a handy top, including gathering the materials, cutting fabric, 
assembly and patterns.

      Issue #84

*Make Pinatas For Profit 
Construction and design ideas for paper mache pi''atas and decorating 
and marketing them.

*The American Bashkir Curly 
The history, myths and reality behind the rare breed of horse.

*A Year In Mom's Solar Greenhouse 
How to effectively use a greenhouse year round, including winter greens, 
fall fumigation, summer beans and spring starts.

*Springtime When It's 30 Below! 
A greenhouse helps plants flourish in winter weather.

*Economic Outlook 

*Gingerbread Geodesics 
Cooking and constructing pastry domes, homes and igloos.

*Bits and Pieces 

*The Plowboy Interview 
Ralph and Rita Engelken discuss the advantages and wealth that come with 
organic farming.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2665>*

*Build an Egg Candler 
A coffee can, light fixture and rubber will allow you to see inside an egg.

*New Directions Radio 
An amateur satellite radio allows activists to communicate and broadcast.

*Successful Swaps 

*Ask Our Experts 
Cleaning a Lakewood stove; insulating the walls of a cordwood home; 
stopping a leaking pond.

*A Turkey of Different Feather 
Creating a decorative turkey from various vegetables, including squash 
and pumpkin.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2663>*
Bill Ickes glues polyester scraps to sandpaper to give the abrasive a 
longer life; Barry Atkins matches dipped in wax can withstand any 
weather conditions; Gloria Robertson placed yarn bows around her house 
to lure her curious toddler away from hazards; Phyllis Wolff recycles 
Christmas cards by cutting the designs out of the covers and using them 
next year; Ellen Siegler suggests washing doll's hair with fabric 
softener for restoration and writing the manufacturer for replacement 
parts when board game pieces have been lost; Rosalind Milliken says 
stationary and paper goods make an excellent gift for the elderly; 
Debbie O'Neal tries to learn at least one new thing each month to make 
the year more rewarding; Scott Hoffman slides his firewood downstairs 
using parts from an old swing set; Jamie Tackman splashes water on the 
side of a propane tank to check its level; Walt Busky turns off the 
lights and uses a flashlight to find a dropped contact, which should 
illuminate when lit; Charles Wilbur recycles old hair dryers as bellows 
for his fireplace and wood stove; Gregory Coleman uses crushed eggshells 
to keep his coffee from brewing bitter; Blanche Berger says a cribbage 
board may be used to keep track of rows and stitches while crocheting; 
Dawn Bauer makes and stores her own biscuit mix; Mrs. Gordon Pullman 
says leaving an old knife blade in an onion takes off the rust; Tina 
Schriver keeps a plastic bag nearby while making bread to place her hand 
in when doing other chores.

*Report From <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2657>*
Finding a rural Victorian home is a dream come true.

*Build a Sled From Shipping Skids! 
Constructing a wooden sled, includes materials list and instructions.

*Mother's Children 
How to make jewelry shaped like fruits and hot dogs and a top from a 
dowel and Popsicle stick.

*Make Every Word Count! 
Making word puzzles can bring in extra money, includes getting started, 
construction, tips and getting published.

*Grow Palms as House Plants 
Feather and fan palms grow well inside, including: temperature, light, 
watering, feeding, transplants, grooming, and propagation.

*Recycle Meat Waste 
Rendered meat waste makes great pet food, lye soap.

*Splitting Winter Squash 
Leaving the stem on a squashing and placing it top down in the drain 
makes cutting easy.

*The Instant Gardens of Japan 
The market of ready made gardens in the Orient.

*Hopping into the Easter Bunny Business 
Breeding rabbits for the spring, includes: breeding calendar, 
matchmaking, health threats.

*Mother's Herb Garden: Marjoram 

*Quick and Cozy Wool Coverlets 
Gathering and weaving wool into a blanket, shawl, pillow or skirt.

*Grapevine Wreaths 
Picking the proper vine for weaving into an ornament.

*A Do-It Yourself Kaleidoscope 
Making a light toy from pipe, wood and mirrors.

*Music in Your Pocket 
Building a small thumb piano with tin, wood and bobby pins can be 

*Water: Do You Drink Enough 
The health benefits of water, signs of dehydration, drinking habits, 
daily recommended amounts.

*Homemade Story Time Tapes 
Recording a child's favorite tales on cassette, includes: story 
selection, sound effects, taping tactics.

*Kitchen Table Woodworking 
Building a wooden spice rack or shelving can free up kitchen area, 
including diagrams.

*Creature Comforts 
Building a wooden children's toy box and play desk, includes 
instructions, materials list, diagrams.

*Mother's Rooftop Utility Rack 
Building a wood transport rack for the car roof, includes diagrams and 

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2640>*

*Environmental Hall of Fame 
Biographies of inductees: David Ross Brower, Jerome Irving Rodale, Aldo 
Leopold, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Barbara Ward, Sir Albert Howard, Rene 
Jules Dubos, Anwar Fazal.

*Uncle Sam, Your Friendly Auctioneer 
Bidding tips, mailing lists and advice on auctions at regional 
government customs offices.

*Build a Water-Wall Home 
Constructing a passive solar home, including: calculating water storage 
requirements, wall construction.

*The Turning Point 
Business is boomerang for the Larson-Darnell family at their wood, pole 
supported mountain home.

*Turn Your Pickup Truck Into the Dump Truck 
A secondary wood bed and hydraulics allow dumping from a transformed truck.

*Mother's $10-Per-Square-Foot (or less!) Earth-Sheltered House 
Building a low-cost home with concrete walls.

*Get Paid for Staying Healthy 
The benefits of a stay well health insurance incentive.

*The Siberian Fireplace 
Building a brick or stone home heating device, including masonry tips.

*Personalized (Handmade) Christmas Cards 
Creating home cards with tips on ink, paper, lettering, art, drawing.

*A Child's Play Center 
Building a wooden children's toy box and play desk, includes 
instructions, materials list, diagrams.Building an alternative energy 
generator at home.

*Leaning Toward The Future 
Vehicle combines attributes of car and motorcycle with suspension, 
computer controls, engine and drive.

*Histoplasmosis: The Bird Droppings Disease 
Spores cause blindness in rare eye illness.

*Preheat Your Water with Wood 
A wood stove saves electric costs in winter.

*Rebirth of the Irish Folk Harp 
Building a wood music instrument.

*Be Santa's Secretary! 
Winter seasonal work answering Christmas mail provides extra income.

*After Nuclear War 
Atomic affects on the environment.

*Produce Your Own Printed Circuits 
Making an electric circuit from a kit, drill, decals and etching.

*Marshall Price's "Basement-Built" Wind Generator 
Building an alternative energy generator at home.

*Down on the Farm 

*Bootstrap Starting and other Cold Weather Battery Lore 
Using jumper cables to start a car in winter, insulating the battery and 
keeping the engine warm.

*A Homebrewed Crape Blade 
A cheap home plow, includes materials list, instructions, diagrams.

*Building The Sun Cottage Part IV: Walls and Beams 
Designing the house structure and installing mason, block walls.

*Mother's Lifers 
Numbers 5925 through 5954

*The Homemade Thermal Shade 
Insulated fabric with Velcro edging keeps temperatures moderate, 
eliminates window heat waste.

*Mother's Sewing Center 
Building a wooden sewing desk and cabinet with materials list, 
instructions, diagrams.

*Mr. Digwell <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2611>*

*The Backyard Jungle 
Putting the appropriate nectar bearing plants in the garden attracts 
these winged insects.

*Low Budget Bulb Changers 
Pipe, tubing and suction cup forms homemade light changer.

*A $100 Industrial Quality Band Saw 
A homemade cutter with wood casing, includes diagrams, instructions.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughn 

*The $1 Cardboard Car 
Patterns and instructions for building a homemade toy for children.

*Safety in Numbers 
Connecticut man grows 145 cultivars of tomatoes in home garden.

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2604>*

*Mailbox Mania <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2606>*
Decorating around your home letter box.

*Mother's "Tom Thumb" Telephone 
Building a cheap, homemade toy phone that works.

      Issue #85

*The Plowboy Interview 
Dr. Andrew Saul discusses his book Doctor Yourself and home medicine.

*Bits and Pieces 

*A Look Back At America From the Year 2005 
Colorado governor Richard D. Lamm predicts the environmental, economic 
future of America.

*Ask Our Experts 

*Mother's Children: Homemade Drawing in Charcoal 
How to make vine charcoal at home.

*A Thermal Envelope Trailer 
Building a solar structure around a trailer, including: construction, 
amenities, heat, hot water, electricity.

*Keep New Heat in With Old Cups 
Using Styrofoam cups as pipe insulator.

*Mother's Lifers 

*Rent A Grandma <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3135>*
A senior citizens sells her services and spoils families for income.

*A Home Nursing Business 
Taking in an elderly person can provide extra income while allowing for 
time with family.

*Barters and Bootstraps 

* A Gallery of Winter: Craft Projects - A Mother Earth News Mini-Manual 
How to Knit and Crochet 
Sewing your own garments including: scarf, afghan, hat, sweater, 
slippers, pullover. With knitting basics for beginners like casting on, 
knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, yarn over, binding off, 
crocheting techniques, materials lists, diagrams and instructions

*Three Different (and Delicious!) Woodstove Recipes 
How to make frosty morning pancakes, lunchtime hot rice salad, Chinese 
stir fried vegetable dinner.

*Build an Integral Passive Solar Water Heater 
How IPSWH's work, design tips, major types and maintenance.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3132>*
Paul Sheldon suggests hooking an electric clock to a water meter to keep 
track of how often it runs; Susan Golombek says pouring water into a 
candle holder will keep the wax from sticking; Bruce Klecka dips candles 
in salt water and freezes them overnight to keep the wax from running; 
Dennis Mulso states pouring water in a lamp when the oil is low and the 
wick is short; Allyn Moise drilled holes in pennies when he ran out of 
º inch washers and saved money; Carol Bank created a plywood tray for 
her mailbox so letters were always handy; Pam and Donald Vilas save a 
small piece of their Christmas tree trunk as a memento; Alfred Glenn 
uses cornmeal to clean spots on suede; Jackie Joy Zandrews rubs snow in 
her furs to clean them; Mary Seramur-Kraiss praises washing wool with 
shampoo for preservation; Lynda Mason learned it is easier to prepare 
garlic if you bruise the cloves before peeling; Susan Tran recycles worn 
chopsticks to stir paint, pick out hot coals, and push fruit and 
vegetables while canning.

*The Earth Systems House Kit 
Inexpensively building a below ground home from a kit.

*Mom's (Gardener's) Favorites 
A guide to the best flowers and vegetables for your garden, including: 
beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, peas, potatoes, calendula, 
delphinium, Echinacea, poppy, valerian.

*Livestock Parturition: Dealing with Homestead Delivery 
How to help cows give birth, including: prepping, normal and abnormal 
parturition, breech births, twins.

*Report From <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3127>*
A failed move to the country and leaving the farm, renews appreciation 
for gardening in the ciy.

*Happy Groundhog Day! 
Catching and cooking groundhogs, with recipes.

*Building with Native Stone 
How to construct a mortarless stone wall, including types of rock, 
tools, preparation, dimensions, layout, stability, ends and corners.

*More Eggs in Winter 
Feeding the chicken flock barley seed growth increases egg production.

*Lease Your Land for Oil and Gas Production 
Sharing profits, perks and warnings from oil drilling on country land.

*A Four-Season Garden Plan 
Year round planning and the best crops for each season, including winter 

*Mom's 1984 Wishbook Guide to Herb Suppliers 

*Folk Music Instruments: Choose the One That's Right for You 
How to select the right guitar, banjo, dulcimer, autoharp, fiddle, 
mandolin or coda.

*Mother's Compost Commode 
Using a cedar outhouse to recycle human waste including diagrams, 
materials, servicing and benefits.

*Extended vs. Nuclear Families 
Surviving relations and kin reunions.

*Essene Bread <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3117>*
Turning berries into whole grain bread.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3118>*

*Are Chimney Sweeps Still Cleaning Up? 
History, hazards and benefits of becoming a chimney sweep.

*Friends of the Earth 

*The Bare Bones, Make Do Wood Lathe 

*Richard St. Barbe Baker 
Biography of 1983 Environmental Hall of Fame Inductee

*Down on the Farm 

*Photovoltaic Root Stimulation 
Electrical stimulation of roots to stimulate plant growth and enhance 
photosynthesis in the garden.

*Thermal Cover Ups: Part Two 
Reducing window heat loss with polystyrene insulation including 
sandwiching, pop in shutter, beadboard panels.

*Dowsing: Fact or Fancy? 
Using a divining stick or Y rod to find water and other underground 
resources and the skepticisms that surround it.

*A Woodstove Water Heating Attachment 
Adding a water heater to your stove, including: materials list, 
diagrams, construction tips.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3102>*

*Mom's Marketplace 

*Storm Window Solar Panels 
Using old window frames to collect the sun's energy, including materials 
list, diagram, instructions.

*A Winter Wild Food Feast 
Foraging for edible plants including cranberry, cattails, watercress.

*Thoughts on the Design of a Sane World, Part One 
Freedom, equality and change must defeat growth, greed and power to save 
planet Earth.

*Wholistic Forestry: Growing Timber the Sensible Way 
Raising and harvesting trees on country property.

*Building a Grafting Wax Heater 
Using two coffee cans and a candle as a heat source.

*Grafting the Mixed-Bag Apple Tree 
Identifying donor trees and crossbreeding a fruit tree.

*Building the Sun Cottage, Part V: The Structural Frame 
Pouring a concrete roof, selecting timber, raising a post and beam frame.

*An Old Fashioned Pie Safe 
Building a wooden cabinet, including diagrams and instructions.

*So You Want to Home School 
Researching laws, personal considerations and connecting with other home 
teachers before keeping your child in the house.

*New Hope for Infertile Couples 
Causes and medical help for childless couples hoping to conceive.

*Human Powered Speed 
Pedal powered bicycles for recreation and sport.

*Mother's $10 per Square Foot (or Less!) Earth Sheltered House, Part Two 
Finding the material and constructing the roof.

*Woodlot Management (on a Small Scale) 
Tending to your forest and woodlands.

*The Backyard Jungle: Part IV, Spiders 
The hunting and spinning skills of arachnids and their benefits.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*The Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3087>*

*The Making of a Cedar Dugout Canoe 
Selecting the log, carving, shaping and hollowing a boat, including 
diagrams, photos.

*Bargains Afloat, Bargains Aflight 
Saving money through buying at auctions.

      Issue #86

*Bits and Pieces 

*The Coming Shakeout of an Underground Economy 
An influx of billions of dollars is expected to keep the economy healthy 
and prevent inflation temporarily.

*The Telephone Revolution 
How the dissolution of AT&T will affect long distance and telephone service.

*The Plowboy Interview 
Dr. Walter Orr Roberts discusses the greenhouse effect.

*Dealing with the Bill Collector 
Financial planning and avoiding debt.

*An Introduction to Geese 
An overview of the breeds, weights and characteristics of water fowl.

*Strawberry Picker's Delight 
Using a bicycle seat to make berry picking easier.

*Wilderness Gear You Can Make Yourself 
Building a tent or lean-to including material, equipment, tarp construction.

*Barters and Bootstraps 

*Mother's Children: A Hardworking Volunteer 
A teenage girl volunteers at an 1800s historical camp.

*Just Knitting Around 
How to sew outdoor clothing, coats and parkas from kits.

*Mother's Guide to Low Cost Outdoor Gear, A Mini-Manual 
How to buy the right equipment and a good price, including: sewing, used 
goods, renting, comparison shopping, footwear, clothing, backpack, 
shelter, sleeping bag, kitchen.

*A Potful of One-Liners 
Preparing, packing and cooking meals for a camping trip.

*Mother's Armchair Guide to Homespun Outdoor Equipment Ideas 
Books and resources for making your own outdoor materials.

*Build The (Unofficial) Boy Scout Candle Lantern 
A coffee can, coat hanger, candle and handle make a handy light source.

*Wool: The Camper's Natural Friend 
Low cost insulator for sleeping bag stuffing, ponchos.

*Make-It-and-Take-It Hobo Stove 
Building a hobo stove from a tin can.

*Alaskan Packboard and All-Purpose Packsack 
Making a backpack from canvass and wood, including diagrams and 

*Ask Our Experts 
Moisture collection in a solar greenhouse; wall plans and insulating a 
passive heated solar home

*Report From <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3066>*
A new start in the Everglades is a rough adjustment but leads to a happy 

*New Ideas for the Old Farm Pond 
A guide to restocking the rural watering hole including small mouth 
bass, catfish, chain pickerel, Northern pike, walleye, sunfish, crappie, 
rock bass, bullheads, gizzard shad, mosquito fish, suckers, trout, carp, 
goldfish, perch and stocking systems.

*Putting Up a Barbed Wire Fence 
How to install fencing, including posts, holes, tension, brace, corners, 
stretchers, wire, filling in, gates, low spots and types.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3064>*
Robert Grinarml suggests using a shotgun to dispose of wasps nests; Dave 
Kooyers uses burning sulfur to rid buildings of hornets; Ross 
Westergaard used flypaper to control pesky insects; Darlene Wagner 
discovered sprinkling talcum powder on her hands allows her entrance to 
a newborn rabbit's nest; Paul Moore dug a pit in the floor of his tipi 
for additional cooling and living space; Shane Jones uses old T-shirts 
to cover his car seats when the upholstery wears out; Elizabeth England 
mixes water, chamomile and ginger root to keep dandruff away; Mary Leck 
saves hair from her brushes to make pincushions.

*Using Whole Grains 
The benefits of whole grain foods, including sponge and dough bread recipes.

*Enjoy Old-Time Tennesee Creasy Greens! 
The benefits of growing and cooking creasy, including recipes for 
confetti eggs and quiche.

*Publish and Sell Your Own Cookbook 
How to develop and market a home cookbook from recipes, typesetting, 
graphics, layout, cost, printing and marketing.

*Make Your Buildings (Reasonably) Earthquake-Proof 
How to reinforce a foundation during the construction of a home.

*Spontaneous Release by Positioning 
Steps to correct back problems without a chiropractor.

*Mother's Herb Garden: Sweet Violet 
Mother's Herb Garden: Sweet Violet

*Vitamin C in the Lab 
How Vitamin C can affect glucose, blood tests and cause other medical 

*Biodynamics: the Other Organic Gardening Method 
Background and history on alternative organic agriculture, including: 
compost starter, Number 500, techniques, preparation.

*The Pick of the Crop 
Preparing a garden in the winter ensures a healthy summer crop of 
lettuce, radishes, turnips, greens, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, 
broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions, leeks, beets, carrots, corn 
tomatoes, peppers, beans, melons, cucumbers, zucchini and squash.

*A Photovoltaic Battery-Charge Controller 
Constructing an independent power-generation system with a controller.

*Build a Commonsense Compost Shredder 
How to build a shredder from a lawn mower, with diagrams.

*Get a Handle on Your Well 
Installing a backup pump on an existing well, including diagrams and 
parts list.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3046>*

*A Few Words In Defense of Tin Roofs 
Evaluating, repairing, painting and the pros and cons of metal roofing.

*A Chicken-and-Grape "Permaculture" 
Constructing and establishing a free range chicken herd and vineyard.

*Gardening in the City 
Planning an urban garden, buying seeds, preparing the ground and growing 
a crop.

*Build Yourself a Pole Shelter 
Designing and constructing a shelter including selecting wood and frame 
and roofing.

*Medical Self Care: Hair Analysis: Is It Worthwhile 
The benefits and drawbacks of hair analysis versus do it yourself chelation.

*Friends of the Earth 
Environmental news including the EPA, nuclear waste in Tahiti, 
pesticides in Hawaii, and National Park grizzly bear management and 

*Wilderness Camp in Canada 
Spending a vacation at Camp Apa Cheesta with Frank Black Bear.

*Mother's $10-Per-Square-Foot Earth Sheltered House: Part II 
Waterproofing and installing water and electrical services to the new home.

*Computerized Soil Tests for Cash 
Save money by testing your soil's nutrients and using a computer to 
analyze the results.

*Thoughts on the Design of a Sane World: Part II 
Qualities of a sane world include: equity, environmental orientation, 
sustainable economy, value and promotion of diversity, no war.

*The Mountainbike 
Exploring the growing trend of nature biking including testing bicycles, 
equipment and accessories.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughn 

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3037>*

*Mom's Marketplace 

*Install Your Own Telephone 
How to wire and install a telephone, including: modular plugs, extension 
phones, accessories, and types of phones.

*The Backyard Jungle 
The life cycle and benefits of lacewing, including keeping aphids away 
from the garden.

*Ring Structures 
Building sturdy structures from circles including materials, covering, 
framing, and price.

*A Windpower Update From Mother's Eco-Village 
The specifics and benefits from Mother's Jacobs wind plant.

*Down on the Farm 

*Building The Sun Cottage 
The final stages including insulation, using ground warmth, 
waterproofing, fa'?ade, the earth on the shelter.

*The Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3027>*

*Mother's Lifers 
Numbers 6024 through 6058.

*A Little Grass Shack in Idaho 
The history and construction of a grass hut.

*Fieldbook <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3026>*

      Issue #87

*News From Mother 

*Dear Mother <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6727>*

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=430>*
Briefs on pre-plucked pullets, human-powered speed, organic fertilizers, 
tree farm tax deductions, frostline kits, migrating birds' winter habitats.

*Economic Outlook: To Market 
An examination of the bond market.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=427>*

*The World's Simplest Pea-Shelter 
How to turn a drilled block of wood and exacto-blade into this handy 
tool, including diagram, photograph.

*The Plowboy Interview: Edward Abbey: 
Conversation with self-described agrarian anarchist about slowing the 
industrialization of planet earth.

*Barters and Bootstraps 

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=425>*
Kenneth Hubbard says the secret to a good lawnmower is having a balanced 
blade, not sharpness; Clarence Nye uses an old tire as a log holder when 
splitting wood; Roberta Forpahl uses a tire inner tube as a chainsaw 
blade cover; Shauna Ellet uses a wire coathanger to keep a cookbook open 
to the correct recipe; Oliver Jones shares a recipe for canned tomato soup.

*Mother's Children 
Young author and entrepreneur shares how she developed miniature corncob 
crop and turned it into tasty, profitable popcorn.

*Toothsome Tofu Pies 
Recipes for apricot tofu pie, banana-coconut tofu pie, orange tofu pie, 
carob-almond tofu pie, including crust, filling glaze.

*Investing in Change 
The ways you save your money can help determine the quality of our 
planet's future, including the record, profiles, using the system, 
before you invest.

*A Bad Brush with a Little-Known Law 
Author shares experience of how she almost lost her land, including 
adverse possession, squatter's rights sidebard.

*They Don't Steal the Towels! 
Ever thought of going into a horse motel business? The guests are great! 
They don't carouse all night, complain about slow room service or make 
unreasonable demands.

*Queen Rearing: A Beekeper's Primer 
Many amateur apiarists are discovering that honey production is only 
part of the challenge and reward of keeping bees, including variations 
on a theme, queens for sale, bee business sidebar.

*Mother's Guide to Hazardous Household Substances 
A look at emulsifiers, flavorings and colorings, kitchenware, 
dinnerware, preservatives and antioxidants, cleaners and examining 
chemicals in the kitchen, utility room, and bathroom.

*The Reclusive Villain 
Beware the ubiquitous brown recluse spider. This seemingly harmless 
creature is definitely dangerous, including recluse lore, orchestrating 
the fiddleback's demise.

*Porta-bug Box <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=414>*
Help your youngsters study elfin crawlers and pint-size fliers by making 
this handy transparent insect museum.

*The Marvelous Mountain Gorillas 
On Mother's recent visit to Tanzania and Rwanda, we discovered, 
surprisingly enough, that tourists may offer the best (and probably the 
last) hope of saving this endangered species.

*Some Tips and Tools for Elderly and Handicapped Gardeners 
Even physical impairments needn't prevent us from participating in the 
joys of gardening, including extension tools, summary of ideas and sources.

*A $5 Macro Lens for Your Camera 
You don't need expensive equipment to peer into the world of 
larger-than-life photography, including building the converter, using 
the lens, simplicity itself, not bad for the price.

*A New Endangered Species: The Family Farmer 
Mother-spotlighted farm couple, Ralph and Rita Engelken, are now 
fighting to save their 500-acre organic farm.

*Home-Canned Milk 
Making cheese and yogurt isn't the only method of putting up your 
surplus dairy product, including from bucket to bottle, caramelly 
pudding recipe.

*The Afterschool <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=409>*
Teacher sets up afternoon mini-school to teach youngsters about 
agriculture, the environment and other topics.

*The "Burkholder" Cultivator 

*Recipe for a Tree Fort 

*Cactus: It's Edible! 

*Herb Garden: Sweet Woodruff 

*Control Codling Moths Safely 
Here's the story of a California scientist and an organic apple farmer 
combing efforts to protect this insect.

*Inside Mother Earth: The Caving Experience 

*Baking Soda: A Home's Best Friend 

*Homestead Handbook: How To Build a Simple Log-Bridge 
Homestead handbook construction guide, including getting started, the 
base, what will it hold?, stringers, flooring, step-by-step 
illustrations, how long will it last?

*Ultrasonic Plant Stimulation 
Though it's best known as a pest-control method, high-frequency sound 
could find new agricultural uses, including accelerated plant growth, 
results, the effects of ultrasound, graphs.

*Mother's Lifers <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=399>*
Numbers 6059 to 6093.

*Mother's $10-Per-Square-Foot (or Less!) Earth-Sheltered House 
We're about to prove, once again, that energy-efficient housing doesn't 
have to be expensive, with this $10-per-square-foot in-ground home design.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=401>*

*Window Witchery: Stitchery! 
Here's a bit of do-it-yourself magic that can make an ugly view look 
bright and beautiful, including seaming, Mother's method, arts and 
crafts, selecting a joiner, installation.

*A Fitness Center Made of Wood 
Even if you're not an accomplished carpenter, you can build a home gym 
for less than $200, including detailed diagram, materials list, building 

*To Repair or to Replace: That Is the Question 
When that old, dependable household appliance sputters to a halt, you 
may be confronted with a classic dilemma, including expected service 
life of electrical appliances.

*The Camping Kitchen 
This easy-to-make carrier holds all your outdoor cooking equipment, 
including the sink, also has diagram, photographs, instructions.

*The PVC Porch Glider 
Slip-joint plumbing may have a place not only under your house, but in 
it as well with this unique porch-swing design, including diagrams and 

*Healing Gardens <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=391>*
Fill your life with beauty, fragrance and time-tested remedies for 
common ailments, including the essentials, ideal plants for shady and 
sunny gardens, home health, alternative medicine.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Fieldbook <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=389>*

*Herbicides and No-Till Farming 
The agricultural industry is converting to this new and better (on the 
surface, at least) better method, including how do herbicides work, 
toxicity, persistence, ecological effects.

*Ecoscience <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=386>*
How to transform our planet into an ecologically sane world.

*The Good Life Get Together 
Take a few country fields on the back roads of upstate New York, add a 
selection of skilled homesteading instructors and a couple hundred eager 
participants and you'll have this event.

*A Split-Log Table and Bench Set 
If you like the look of rustic and rugged furniture, then this 
show-and-tell is for you, including six illustrated steps.

*Medical Self-Care: All About Circumcision 
A look at circumcision, including a 6,000 year history, medical facts 
and fallacies, three techniques, possible complications.

*Friends of the Earth 

*A Trio of Garden Helpers 
Caring for your backyard growing plot can be as easy as one, two, three 
if you have a hose guard, dibbles and cord and knee saver with you.

*The Seasons of the Garden: A New'- Spring.. And New Gardeners 
Couple prepare Mother's gardens for the first time at her Eco-Village.

*An Alaskan Escape 
Patience, persistence and planning helped this couple's dream turn into 
reality as they retreat from the city to the North Star State to lead 
the good life.

*The Backyard Jungle: Part VI Hornworms 
Knowing friend from foe in the garden, including lifecycle, controlling 
hornworms, diet and signs of life.

*Down on the Farm 

*Be a Back-to-Basics Bowyer 
Any archery fan can add more enjoyment by homecrafting primitive 
equipment, including the bowyer's bare essentials, bending to the task, 
the language of archery, arrowmaking.

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=375>*

      Issue #88

*The Plowboy Interview 
Armory and Hunter Lovins discuss leading the soft energy revolution.

*Fold Yourself a Hammock 
Making a folding, portable sleeping place.

*Bits and Pieces 

*Folks, Facts and Folklore 
Clay Kirkland suggests massaging skin friendly foods instead of using 
hand lotion; Leona Burch explains how to can bread; Connie Forand has 
found cinnamon a deterrent for carpenter ants; Graham Wright drops rocks 
in cans of varnish or stain to prevent oxidation; Ronald Peyton offers a 
handy homemade way to harvest berries; Raymond Downs dips his cats in a 
chlorine bleach solution to rid them of ringworms; Dian Zwerink says 
putting old dog bones in potting keeps plants' roots from becoming 
waterlogged; Angie Ronald says putting vinegar on animal hides speeds up 
the tanning process.

*A Very Personal Canoe Paddle 
Building and carving a paddle with patterns and instructions.

*Raising Free Range Chickens 
Finding land, getting birds, feeding chickens and selling eggs.

*Designing Sustainable Small Farms and Homesteads 
Detailed look at creating a small farm including zones and sectors, 
location, function, resources, recycling, alternative technology, 
function and budgeting.

*Mother's Guide to Mail-Order Music 
Mailing lists for folk, ethnic, budge, progressive, general and 
collectors music outlets.

*Can You Afford Not To Save Energy 
The economic benefits of alternative energy.

*Mother's Children 
Recipes for all-natural beef treats.

*Beware The Tick! 
Symptoms, treatment and prevention of ticks.

*Troubleshooting Major Appliances 
Locating problems in washers, dryers, gas and electric ranges, 
refrigerators, air conditioners.

*A Homemade Charcoal Igniter 
Building an igniter out of stove pipe.

*Flower Power: Poison in the Backyard 
Identifying pretty but harmful weeds in the backyard and garden.

*Intentional Communities: Some Inside Views 
Life in utopian communities in East Wind, Missouri, Harbin Hot Springs, 
California and The Renaissance Community, Massachussetts.

*Mr. Orr's "Garden Tech" Hand Tools 
Building a grape crusher, bean sheller, bean slicer and corn cutter. 
Includes diagrams.

*A Rooftop Bike Carrier 
Building an easy bike rack for the car.

*From Urbanites to Countryfolk'- in Just Eight Years 
Finding a farm, settling in and adjusting to rural life.

*Favorite Recipes From The Eco-Village Restaurant 
Preparing smoothies, vegetable barley soup, cheese and herb salad 
dressing, chick-pea spread, honey carob cake, minty cream cheese frosting.

*Herb Garden: Summer Savory 

*The Backyard Jungle 
The benefits of having ladybugs in the garden.

*River Revitalization: Our Responsibility 

*Feast on Frozen Yogurt 
Recipes for French vanilla, raspberry, carob, peach, honey-lemon, coffee 
and desert oasis frozen yogurts and how to make yogurt at home.

*A Mortgage Free, Owner-Built Cordwood Castle 
How to economically build a wooden country house.

*Radwaste: Another Kind of Trash 
Pollution and environmental concerns about radioactive waste.

*Make Your Wash Water Do Double Duty 
Building a water recycling system including design and flood and drought 

*A Body-Building Champ's Wooden Fitness Center 
Building a home exercise center complete with diagrams and materials list.

*The Great Getwaway: Run Your Own Canoe Livery! 

*Grow Scentsational Geraniums 
Picking good-smelling plants for the garden, fragrances and care.

*Ruminations on Predators, Poisons, and the Mythical Marlboro Man 
A history of the relationship between coyotes and ranchers and wildlife 
preservation efforts.

*Down on the Farm 

*Ask Our Experts 
Brick veneer and energy costs; using a fireplace insert as the firebox 
for a masonry stove; saving the red sassafras tree in Indiana.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Exporting Energy in the Rockies 
Heating, cooling and energy control for a winter home in the mountains.

*Relocate Those Rustlers! 
How to build a trap for unwanted, troublesome animals and safely release 

*Floating '- The Rivers '- And Why 

*Your Own Telephone Installation Business 
How to start a telephone service business including prices, 
installation, repairs and equipment.

*Convert Your Backpack to a Kid-Carrier 
Turn a hiking backpack in to a child-holder.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2995>*

*Helping Injured or Orphaned Wildlife 
How to care for, rehabilitate, feed and release abandoned animals.

*Biological Insect Controls 
Natural ways to keep a garden pest-free.

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2983>*

*Mother's Lifers 
Numbers 6094 through 6114.

*Beyond The Classroom Door 
Details from a cycling vacation, bike trip.

      Issue #89

*News From Mother 

*Dear Mother <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6729>*

*Reading to Sharpen Your Chain Saw Skills 
There's no shortage of excellent reference publications dealing with 
every aspect of chain saw safety and we've collected a few of our 
staff's favorites to share with you.

*Mother Tests Two Chain Saw Mini-Mills 
If you're building a log structure and have lots of time, but not much 
money let Mother help you with these test results, including a Bushpilot 
beam machine, Haddon lumbermaker.

*Chain Saw Sense 
Shopping for, buying, maintaining and using the woodcutter's friend all 
require employing this advice, rebuilding, use and maintenance tips.

*What To Look For In A Chain Saw Lumber Mill 
Their sizes range from small to tall - and so do their prices. But no 
matter the style here's a guide, including vertical and horizontal mills.

*Chain Saw Safety 
When it comes time to start cutting this winter's firewood supply, your 
top priority should follow, including do's and don't's.

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=376>*

*The Plowboy Interview: Gary Snyder 
Conversation about choosing your place and making a stand.

*Is it for Apple-icious 
Why not celebrate the harvest with these two Mother-tested recipes, 
including pudin de pan and apple cake.

*Economic Outlook 
Examination of probable consequences of default, including consequences 
of the mounting debts in Third World countries on the banking industry.

*Deliciously Beautiful You! 
Natural beauty tips, including curing bad morning breath with tooth 
soda, face moisturizer, nightly refreshment, using milk to remove puffy 
eyes, grapefruit baths, more.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=369>*

*The 1984 Bioregional Congress 
At Gary Snyder's suggestion, Mother took a look at what's going on in 
the bioregional movement.

*Practical Puppets 
Bring back the smile to a child's face with a napkin, a character voice 
and some downright fun puppetry, including diagrams, how to create the 
puppets, puppetry techniques.

*Barters and Bootstraps 

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=368>*
Doug Murphy shares how to keep from splitting fine woods when 
cabinetmaking; Becky Porter cuts and pastes footprints all over the 
house to remind her children where to store their things; Ronald Peyton 
revises the berry-picking technique shared in the previous issue; 
Hermann Gurfinkel uses an old rope as a touch-up paintbrush; Lester 
Westlund covers furniture scratches by rubbing a walnut husk over the 
blemish; Lynne Thomas provides tips to prevent chickens from attacking 
each other.

*Environmental and Humanitarian Organizations 
Here's a look at a few of the many groups working to protect planet 
Earth and the freedom and diversity of her inhabitants, including 
Akwesansne notes, Earth First!, Greenpeace, Amnesty.

*Life in the "Future Tents" 
For a tent, its expensive. On the other hand, it'd be difficult to find 
such a big, beautiful, unusual dwelling for twice the price. There are 
other advantages to be found herein.

*Be a Professional Hunting and Fishing Guide 
If you love people, love the outdoors and respect nature, you can turn 
those assets into a paying business, including keep it legal, what to 
charge for your service, paperwork, the rewards.

*Don't Give Up the Sheep 
If you're considering adding some livestock to your homestead, take some 
of this advice, including selecting a breed, dogs, bloat, breeding, fencing.

*Ravelings of a Nearly Continental Knitter 
Europeans have used a fast, efficient knitting for generations. The 
technique is revealed herein, including diagrams, knitting, troubles, 
purling, increasing and decreasing, do it your way.

*Mother's Children 
Young author shares entrepreneural adventures crafting and selling 
Halloween masks.

*Chainsaws <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=359>*
Woodsman recalls sawing wood on a frosty morning.

*Growing Organic Ginseng 
Priceless on what may be the ultimate cash crop, including Oscar's 
start, bed preparation and planting, care during the growing season, 
harvesting and storing the seeds, digging the roots.

*Looking Into Binoculars 
When shopping for long-range optics, its wise to employ plenty of 
foresight, including the basics, image brightness, field of view, lens 
construction, focus, parting thoughts, selector chart.

*A Well-Drilling (Customer's) Primer 
Most well drillers won't deliberately give you the shaft, but don't call 
one up before reading this, including pump comparisons, household water 
requirements chart, work under pressure, Can You Drill Your Own? sidebar.

*The Black Walnut 
It's mighty hard to find a better-tasting nutmeat or one that's more 
difficult to get at, including stains, getting to the heart of the matter.

*Instant-Installations Tire Chains 
An easy way to install tire chains.

*Acorns: The Grain That Grows on Trees 
A food-producing nut tree may well be growing, unappreciated in your own 
backyard, including, acorns for eating, from the forest to the frying 
pan, forager's guide, grow your own.

*Herb Garden: Horseradish 

*Deno The Dinosaur 
You can use old jeans, sewing scraps and a little imagination to create 
this fun stuffed friend, including what you'll need, pattern, putting it 

*Become a Veterinary Technician 
This job might be just the thing to help make ends meet on the 
homestead, including description and qualifications, job sharing, 
landing the job and do you really want it?

*The Astounding Blowgun 
It's not a toy, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with this 
homemade plinker, including construction photographs and directions.

*The Classic Crossbow: You Can Build Your Own! 
It was the hot setup during the Crusades, and it's going through a new 
revolution today, including diagrams, piece by piece, fact and fiction, 
patterns, assembly directions.

*Food Irradiation 
The federal government may approve wider use of a controversial method 
of preservation, including atoms for the pizza, health concerns, how 
well it works, food for thought.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=347>*

*Solar Hot Seat <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=345>*
Pitch your electric space heater and replace it with easily-constructed 
energy-saver, including detailed diagram, building instructions.

*Barter Mania <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=343>*
In their efforts to cope with today's economy, Mother's reader share 
stories of swappin' successes.

*Homestead Handbook: Field-Dressing and Skinning Big Game 
Homestead handbook, including prehunt preparation, field-dressing, out 
of the woods and home, skinning, how long to age, step-by-step 

*Undercover Device: The Cloche 
Increase your garden's productivity with low-cost, manageable, 
season-extending structures, including belling the crop, from individual 
to mass cover, an emergency tunnel, PVC cloche.

*The Saga of Big Pink 
Moving a house can be an inexpensive - but often very bumpy - road to 
home ownership, including learning from mistakes, the big move, a 
manageable mortgage, things to keep in mind.

*Wood Stove Efficiency and Emissions: 1984 
The time may have come if you have you put off buying a 
better-performing wood-burning heater, including Shelton energy research 
test results table, revulsion equals revolution, more.

*Copper Cowbells <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=338>*
You can keep an ear on your good old woods-wandering Bessie with these 
homemade cowbell designs, including pattern, making it ring, assembly, 

*Voltage-Surge Protector 
Protect your sensitive electronic equipment from lightning damage by 
building this device, including parts list, photographs, building and 
assembly instructions.

*Compton's "One Pass" Peeling Spud 
This particular spud's not meant for eating, thought it certainly peels 
nearly as well, including how to build a long-handled bark peeler for 
limbs, logs and felled wood.

*March to the Beat of Your Own Drum 
This craft combines making music and creating beautiful things, 
including collecting materials, constructing the drum, added touches, 
ideas galore.

*Repair That Foundation'- You Can Do It Yourself 
When you start thinking about weatherproofing your house, don't forget 
to look down, including what you can do, what you'll need, getting 
ready, mixing mud, pointing and plastering.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Mother's Lifers <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=332>*
Numbers 6115 to 6144.

*Fieldbook <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=333>*

*A Look at Mother's Solar Wood-Drying Kiln 
Using the sun to season wood can be a financially rewarding - but 
challenging - experience, including cutaway, detailed diagram, top view 
diagram, photographs, how it works.

*A Brief Discussion With Charlie Walters 
Conversation with giant in the organic agriculture movement.

*Triple Treat: A Pickup Body For All Reasons 
You can expand your truck's versatility with this inexpensive, homemade, 
haul-all conversion, including the stake bed, the lumber rack, the 
camper, detailed construction diagram, directions.

*Ecoscience <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=328>*
Reconsidering evolution, including tracing the human line, our primate 
cousins, how we compare, the intelligence question.

*Medical Self-Care 
Basic overview of homeopathy, including a little history, homeopathy 
versus allopathy, research stalemate.

*Friends of the Earth 

*The Backyard Jungle 
Part eight in series, focusing on the helpful tachinid fly, including 
larval appetites.

*A "High-Amp" PV Charge Controller 
Here's a homemade battery-charge controller that can handle more than 
five amps of current, including circuit update, instructions.

*The Seasons of the Garden 
How to use a computer bulletin board service, including background, the 
basics, what it can do for you, the gardener's bookshelf.

*Down on the Farm 

*Hook Your Wind Machine to the Grid 
With the help of a couple important federal financial incentives, it can 
make sense to take the action outlined herein, including be your own 
friendly local utility, tax incentives, energy future.

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=318>*

      Issue #90

*Nature Decorates Our Christmas Tree 
Natural ornaments from plats and flowers.

*Bits and Pieces 

*Mother's Lifers 

*The Plowboy Interview 
An interview with Norman Cousins on his book, Human Options, improving 
society and political reform.

*Give a Gift of Grains 
Recipes for julekage, nutty and fruity granola and gingerbread cookies.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2976>*
Ron Spears tells how black pepper stops a radiator leak; Fay Lilley 
suggests frying noodles for crispy chow mein; Tom Minor offers success 
in shredding leaves in a trash can with a lawn trimmer; David Potter 
proffers a safe way to control tree fall; Frank Barnett shows how to 
turn worn out overalls into a bib or coveralls.

*The Forgotten Art of Onion Walking 
An outline of the supplies, materials and preparation needed for 
decorating an onion.

*Live The Mother Life Abroad 
Report from Hugh Leong on living and teaching in Thailand.

*Deck the Halls <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2973>*
An in-depth look at types of hollies, when to plant and how to harvest.

*Handcrafted Ornaments 
Step-by-step instructions on how to make Christmas ornaments out of 
nuts, acorns and dried flowers.

*Should You Become "You, Incorporated"? 
The advantages and disadvantages of the self-employed becoming 
incorporated including taxes, medical plans, tax shelters, insurance, 
establishing and paperwork.

*Mother's Children 
How running for student body president helped David Wegner overcome his 

*A Vegetarian Thanksgiving 
Recipe for how to stuff a pumpkin instead of a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

*Defense and Deficit 
A discussion of the Reagan administration's deficit-spending habits.

*Butchering: The Bare-Bones Basics 
Butchering techniques and instructions with illustrations that separate 
the meat from the bone.

*Beginning Bluegrass Banjo 
How to hold, tune, select and play the banjo and how to read tablature.

*Noah's Ark <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2965>*
Instructions for building a wooden Noah's Ark toy with patterns.

*A Pair of Puzzles 
How to build wooden games The Ring Thing and The Camel and the Needle.

*Australian Locker Hooking: A Down-Home Craft From Down Under 
Weaving and hooking techniques to build a locker hooked rug.

*The Greenhouse as an Ecosystem 
Understanding the qualities of various greenhouses, improving light 
quality, ventilation, using the best soil, crop planning, and insect and 
disease control.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2957>*

*Herb Garden: Wood Avens 
Facts and histories of herbs and wood avens.

*An Outcast Makes Good 
Learning the lingo of the lumberyard.

*A Do-It-Yourself Shop-Made Tire Changer 
Making a tire changer including materials list and diagram.

*A Lifesaving Heater From Candles 
How to build a survival heater with tin cans and candles.

*A Homebuilt Pet Door 
Making a pet door from household materials.

*A Winter Container Garden 
Indoor farming in containers with planting tips and a crop by crop guide.

*Caring For Leather Footwear 
Tips for long-lasting leather boots including breaking in, 
waterproofing, cleaning, repair.

*Native Fish for the Home Aquarium 
The benefits and joys of native fish.

*Retrofit Catalytic Converters 
Catalytic converters can help your wood stove burn smoke more cleanly.

*The Enchanting World of Puppetry 
How to make a puppet theater.

*Homestead Handbook: Erecting a Pole Building 
Detailed instructions for constructing a pole building, including: 
materials list, site preparation, layout and pole setting, girts, 
joists, rafters and trusses, roofing and siding.

*Low-Voltage Living 
A look at alternative, renewable energy sources including storage, 
wiring and appliances.

*Rx for Earth <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2947>*
Preventing nuclear war including its consequences, the aftermath, types 
of weaponry, legislation and creating peace.

*Mother's Solar Wood-Drying Kiln 
The kiln's benefits.

*Here Comes the Dyna-Diggr! 
The advantages of a digging tool that can perform tree harvesting, post 
hole digging and trenching.

*Fieldbook <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2944>*

*A Spalted-Oak Cradle 
Building a wooden cradle.

*Easy-to-Make "Truss-Worthy" Chairs 

*The More Rewarding Woodpile 
Building a split log bench.

*Evolution, Creation, Common Sense 
A scientific examination of the fallacies in the theory of evolution.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*The Absorption Cycle Heat Pump 
Research into a new heat pump that works with solar energy.

*Down on the Farm 
Building a chair from plywood, including instructions, diagrams and 
materials list.

*Holiday Garden Gifts 
Holiday books in shrubs, evergreens and landscaping, gifts for gardeners.

*The Backyard Jungle 
The history of scale insects and keeping your garden parasite free.

*Sawing in Circles 
How to cut circles on a table saw.

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=2933>*

      Issue #91

*News From Mother 

*Dear Mother <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6731>*

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=319>*

*The Plowboy Interview: Dave Foreman 
Conversation with Earth First! founder, including living by the green rule.

*Economic Outlook 
Various quotes relating to the 1929 stock market crash, World War II and 
the economy, recessions between 1950 and 1980, how to fight inflation 
and other political lies.

*A Build-It-Yourself Pine Pole Greenhouse 
A greenhouse can be a reliable source of fresh winter foot. Many of 
these structures, though, are beyond the limits of the average budget, 
but not this new design from Mother presented here.

*Mother's Lifers <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=314>*
Numbers 6175 to 6203.

*Homemade Saddle Soap 
You can give your leather goods the care they need to stay supple and 
clean with this recipe.

*Tap The Sun <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=313>*
Learn an easy, low-cost way to add solar heat to your mobile home or 
metal outbuilding, including planning for available materials, plan and 
cut, ducts and dampers, bill of materials.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=310>*

*Herb Garden Witch Hazel 

*Mother's Children 
Young sibling musicians enjoy performing at home concerts.

*Energy Tax Credits 
The time is running out on this powerful financial incentive.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=308>*
Gary LeDean shares a way to add warmth to a winter trip to the outhouse; 
M.L. Parsons tells a way to recycle a broken-handled post-hole digger; 
Olive Lammon tells of a healthy substitute for commercial cooking oils; 
Richard Etheridge tells how to prevent chickens from pecking each other 
to death.

*Feedback From Mom's Family 
At long last, Mother empties the mailbag and the results of Mother's 
reader survey are in.

*The Diagonal Garter-Stitch Square 
Here's a beautiful, practical design to please the neophyte knitter and 
the needlework veteran alike.

*Barters and Bootstraps 

*The Backyard Jungle 
Here's the tenth in a series of articles that will help you tell friend 
from foe in your garden focusing on white grubs.

*Butcher's Blades: Which to Own and How to Hone 
Here's the last of our three-part series on gettin' in the winter's meat 
without professional help, including bone saw, meat cleaver, knives, 
four steps to a sharper knife.

*A Healthful and Meatless Diet 

*The Other Leaks <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=302>*
You've insulated and caulked, but your house still fills cold and 
drafty. It's time to inspect bottom plates, electric outlets and 
switches, beam pockets and junctions, vanities and sinks.

*One Week Behind the Plow: A Greenhorn Goes to Draft-Horse School 
Article in which a staffer finds himself behind the traces of some 
massive work animals and lives to write about it.

*Economic and Efficient Gardening 
It's seed catalog again, but before you order too much or too little pay 
heed to the information herein, including how much you'll harvest table, 
the savings of perserving.

*An Update on Breast-Feeding 
These fascinating new discoveries about nursing should interest even the 
most experienced mother, including disease prevention, drug usage, 
advantages, when to start foods, when to wean.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=297>*

*The "Galley Slaver" 
In the search for efficiency, we often overlook the less tangible 
rewards of a do-it-yourself project.

*Woodbox <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=296>*
This may be the perfect solution if you are tired of wood-heating mess 
and late-night sojourns to the woodpile, including diagrams, materials 
and preparation, assembly.

*Statice: Easy and Profitable 
Here's a possible solution for those beating their brains out trying to 
figure out a good homestead cash crop for this spring, including 
choosing the seed, how to plant and harvest, selling statice.

*Mother's Microhydroelectric Plant Revisited 
If you're interested in building a home-scale or larger AC hydroelectric 
plant, this account of our successful - and not-so-successful - 
experiences may help save you a lot of time and money.

*Leroy's "Power-Steering" Dump Bed 
This homemade pickup conversion may very well be next year's hottest 
Detroit option, including bed-building basics, simple geometry, 
pictorial schematic, fluid drive, photographs, instructions.

*Wood-Burning Cookstove 
Homestead handbook on the cookstove, including building and checking the 
fire, using the range, cooking on top, oven use, numerous illustrations.

*Tune Your Flush <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=289>*
How to modify your toilet so you can control the volume of water a flush 
uses to conserve water yet still meet home needs.

*Opening the Window of Hope 
A country housewife turned peace worker shares some suggestions for 
preventing nuclear war, including personal peace work, community work, 
peacemaking resources.

*Make Your Own Emergency Power Plant 
If you have a car, a moderate tool collection and good tinkering 
abilities, why not try this, including materials list, two simple 
circuits, helpful tips, pictorial schematic.

*A .09-Acre Homestead 
This very enterprising Cape Cod family raises its own meat, eggs and 
vegetables, including layout, limited-space livestock, soil building and 
a herring-ponic rooftop garden.

*Intentional Communitites: Some Inside Views 
Residents tell of life in Stelle, Ill., the International Emissary 
Community, British Columbia, Roandoak of God, Calif.

*Custom-Made Garden Tools (From Old Saw Blades!) 
In the never-ending war of human need versus weeds, it pays to teach an 
old saw new tricks, including the brushwacker, swythes and sweeders, 
patterns, conversion instructions.

*Mother's $10-per-Square-Foot (or Less!) Earth-Sheltered House 
We're here to demonstrate, one more time, that energy-efficient housing 
can be inexpensive, including building the bunk bed frame.

*The Starplate Connection 
Would you like to build yourself a small, temporary home for a little 
more than $1,000?, including bill of materials, frame, footer and floor, 
loft, insulation and celotex, roofing, siding.

*Medical Self-Care 
New information on popular pain reliever, including heart attack 
prevention possibilities, pregnant women beware, aspirin and the immune 

*Ecoscience <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=282>*
First installment of an examination of the serengeti, a natural 
ecosystem, including the intertropical convergence zone, gnus on the go.

*Friends of the Earth 

*Holistic Resource Management 
If you're watching your livestock pasture turn to desert, there's hope 
for greener times, including symbiosis, a new approach to an old 
problem, good fences make good grasslands, cures that kill.

*Essentially Yours 
With scented oils from flowers and spices, you can create an array of 
perfumes, including fragrance families, experiment for the perfect 
scent, formulas for fragrance.

*Passive Annual Heat Storage 
Finally, a method for eliminating the serious drawbacks of passive solar 
earth sheltering, including PAHS, the need, cross section, examples, 
what's needed, back-to-basics heat flow.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Fieldbook <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=274>*

*Build Your Own "Hamdolin" 
It's amazing what you can do with an open mind and a ham can, including 
building a unique musical instrument, the neck, body, tuning pegs, nut 
and bridge, tailpiece, tuning, assembly.

*Make Your Own Cold-Weather Clothing 
If you life the fill of winter wind on your cheeks but don't want to 
spend your last dime, here are some sewing patterns, including making 
pants and a vest, warm advice.

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=270>*

*Down on the Farm 

*Seasons of the Garden 
Examining the new seed varieties for the 1985 growing season.

      Issue #92

*News From Mother 

*Dear Mother <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6733>*

*Advice and Observations on John Victor's Problems 

*Mother's Lifers <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=269>*
Numbers 6204 to 6232.

*Mother's Children 
Young author recalls process of raising an orphan lamb, shearing and 
preparing her wool, making and taking care of the comforter, selling and 

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=267>*

*Easter Eggs, Southwest-Style 
Add an authentic, distinctive touch of Native American culture to this 
year's Easter festival, including dyeing instructions, how to spruce 
them up, finishing touches.

*The Plowboy Interview: Paul Hawken 
Conversation with businessman and author about finding your way in a 
turbulent economy.

*Barters and Bootstraps 

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=261>*
Jackie Ivey shares a safer way to unroll spools of barbed wire; Ralph 
Adams places marbles in his chicken feed to prevent the foul from 
plucking each others' eyes; Clinton Cottrell reminds that a easily found 
address marker can mean life or death when emergency crews are searching 
for a home; Otto Maas shares an easier way to get the nut off the 
crankshaft in a car engine.

*Plant a Premixed Salad 
For guaranteed lunch and dinnertime delights this year, take a hint from 
the French, including ordering mesclun makings, mixing and matching, 
planting, reaping what you sow.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=262>*

*Economic Outlook 
Waste Deep: an excerpt from A Taxpayer Survey of the Grace Commission 
Report, including an examination of where our tax money is spent.

*Mother's Income Tax Mini-Manual 
Self-explanatory article includes record keeping, the code and the law, 
how much you earned, deductions for all and itemizers, the morass of 
depreciation, income averaging, your home as an office, credits, 
considerations for those over 65, in case of audits.

*Seed-Starting as Mother's Gardeners Do It 
Guide to seed preparation, including materials, oversow and undercover, 
moist and warm, start seeds warm, grow seedlings cool, timetable, 
pricking out, damping off, garden time.

*Old Ephraim's Last Stand 
The grandest and most powerful living symbol of wilderness America is 
struggling for survival, including the grizzly bear, who needs bears, 
the politics of extinction, how to help, hunting.

*Much Ado About Munching 
Reader parodies Shakespeare with poem about eating.

*Mother's Minigardens Experiment 
Guide to which techniques are best: double-dug or rototilled beds, row 
or deep-mulch gardening, including space, soil, time, fertilization, 
long-term effects, plant spacing chart, why use BFI.

*A Trio of Trout Treats 
Recipes for charcoal-baked trout, beer-fried trout, broiled trout.

*You Can Play the Mandolin 
Here's an introduction to a musical instrument that has a long history 
and promising future, including getting started, a quick check, tuning, 
picking , the wrist, chords, scales, technique.

*Mother Never Told Me That About Homesteading! 
To help acquaint you with the trials and tribulations that often 
accompany the joys and triumphs of pursuing a self-sufficient life in 
the country, here's one homesteader's tongue-in-cheek account.

*Productive Raised Garden Beds: Six Ways to Make Them 
You can get more from your garden now and later, perhaps even during the 
winter months, including the cautious approach, quick fix, trench and 
mound, double digging, deep compost.

*Herb Garden Fennel 

*A Purple Martin Apartment 
Construct a house for one of nature's most pleasant and effective 
garden-pest predators, including detailed assembly diagram, instructions.

*Urban Homesteading in Florida 
A former Mother editor has discovered the good life in an unlikely place 
and shares it in this space, including alternative economics, hearth and 
home, food for thought, making plans.

*Understated for Gray Winters 
Architect Joseph Kawecki and the Pipics demonstrate an emerging concept 
in passive solar design, including photographs, details.

*Maintaining Your Gravel Road 
If a long stretch of driveway is all that connects you to the outside 
world, heed this author's tips, including maintenance basics, some 
additional advice, an ounce of prevention.

*Homestead Handbook Beginning with Honeybees 
Homestead handbook on starting and maintaining and honeybee farm, 
including facts of bee-ology, working bees, inside the hive, questions 
and answers, step-by-step illustrations.

*Ralph Engelken Is Gone 
Eulogy of farmer who fought to save his family farm from the Federal 
Land Bank.

*Extra Cash From Old Books 
You can turn a love of books - and some knowledge of their worth - into 
a part-time business, including what makes books valuable, a trade 
secret, where to find and how to sell, info sources.

*Announcing Mother's Gardening and Home-Building Contests! 

*The Flight of the "Red Baron" 
At last, here's a screw together and stitch wind charger that anyone 
with hand tools can build, including photographs, detailed diagrams, 
explicit assembly instructions.

*The Double-Duty Ironing Chair 
If you happen to be tight on space and cash, this $20 (or less) project 
might be just the ticket, including photographs, detailed diagram, 

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=239>*

*Forests in Decline 
There's something in the air and it's most certainly not the fresh 
breath of spring, including the toxicant hit list, I fear that we shall 
no more see a thing as lovely as a tree, taking action against acid rain.

*All About the Osage Orange 
This tree - once a favorite of American settlers - deserves a look from 
modern-day homesteaders, including an extraordinary tree with a past.

*Log-and-Pin Framing 
If you're long on logs but short on cash, consider these four practical 
homestead projects, including log rail fence, hoisting derrick, swing 
set, pole shed, diagrams, endless possibilities.

*Fieldbook <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=235>*

*The Seasons of the Garden 
An examination of the new crop varieties for the upcoming growing 
season, including fruits, flowers and vegetables.

*Ecoscience <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=232>*
An examination of the Serengeti, a natural ecosystem, including 
scavengers and decomposers, herbivore social systems.

*Mother's Full-Sheet Cutting Table 
Here's a real space-saving workbench that solves a number of problems 
with one design, including frame, table and tensioner details, 
photographs, instructions.

*Medical Self-Care: How Pets Keep Us Healthy 
Look at health benefits of pets, including pets and heart disease, pets 
as family, therapists, pets and stress, someone to care for.

*Friends of the Earth 

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Mom's Self-Reliant Homestead 
A varied, productive minifarm is rapidly evolving around our 
$10-per-square-foot house, including labled layout diagram, the 
household and horticulture today.

*Mother's Under-$30 Hearing Aid 
If you're hard of hearing and need a hearing aid, this article may save 
you hundreds of dollars, including hearing, aid design, limitations, 
build it, see your doctor first, loudness and loss, schematic, circuit 
board, parts layout and list.

*The Backyard Jungle 
Here's the eleventh in a series of articles that will help you tell 
friend from foe in the garden, focusing on aphid biology.

*Down on the Farm 

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=223>*

      Issue #93

*News From Mother 

*Dear Mother <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6735>*

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=224>*

*Mother's Children 
Young author shares how she started her home growing plot from scratch.

*The Plowboy Interview: Garrison Keillor 
Conversation with popular radio host of Prairie Home Companion.

*A Natural foods Wedding Feast 
Recipes for spice cake, orange-date cake, cream cheese frosting, Swedish 
rye bread, cheese trays, curry and fondue sauces, blue-cottage cheese 
dip, red bean dip, yogurt dip, iced herb tea punch.

*Mother's Lifers <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=218>*
Numbers 6228 to 6256.

*Ten Things to Do With a Guinea Pig 
We simply weren't able to resist printing this lighthearted submission 
from a young reader.

*Economic Outlook 
Modern Man cartoon.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=214>*

*Barters and Bootstraps 

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=216>*
Darlene Kistler shares how to turn willow scrapings into saplings; 
Sherry Balkenhol grows sunflowers for winter birdseed; Arlene Raymond 
shares a tip for minimizing plant transplant shock; Hanycaps Unlimited 
share tips for the handicapped gardener; Craig Scharf stores his garden 
tools in an old mailbox near the plot.

*Slipping Sweet Potatoes 
Don't pass up on learning the secrets of growing this nutritious, 
delicious, easy-to-grow vegetable, including for the home garden, 
cultivation tips.

*Edible Landscaping 
This mini-manual will give you the basics of a useful and decorative 
plant-raiser's art, including vegetables, perennial edibles, taste 
appeal, health, variety, new approaches to landscaping, tables.

*Climbing Okra <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=211>*
If you want a decorative yard-and-garden plant that tastes as good as it 
looks, investigate this vegetable, including a multitude of uses, how to 
get the vine started, fighting disease and pests.

*Basic Skills and Lost-Proofing 
Elementary survival skills for the wild, including how to prevent 
getting lost in the deep woods, practice now, review of past At Home in 
the Wilderness articles.

*To Save Money Backpacking 
Guide for what to pack when spending time hiking, including foods, 
breakfast, lunch and dinner, analyze your trip, cautions, treat yourself 
kindly, be adaptable.

*Natural Flea Control 
Follow this vet's advice for a flea-free summer, including biographical 
sketch of the enemy insect, control, natural remedies, garlic cloves, 
formulating a battle plan.

*Raffia and Cattail Sandals 
This natural-fiber produces comfortable summer footwear, including 
weaving sandals, crafting the sole, making the thong and band, viable 
variations, a cornhusk substitute.

*The Incredible, Edible Beanbag Tripod 
If you're a shutterbug on a budget, here's a camera support you can make 
in just minutes, including beanbag craftsmanship, the ultimate in 

*Preparing the Soil 
Gardeners should give thought to these fundamental principles, including 
cultivation, texture, life, hydrogen, inorganic elements, nitrogen, 
phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, organic fertilizers.

*Curing My "Bed-Wetting" Garden 
If you've got a vegetable plot with soggy soil, why not try this 
grower's drainage methods, including spring test, a gardener's work is 
never done.

*How to Live Well on Two-City Acres 
This enterprising family from Atlanta has learned through trial and 
error how to experience the good life on limited suburban land and 
shares there experiences here.

*A Magical Journey to Summer Music Camps 
If you'd like to treat yourself to a musical vacation this year, hop 
aboard our bus and experience these musical retreats.

*Herb Garden: Coriander 

*Whittling Tools That Hold an Edge 
These inexpensive, easy-to-make carving tools can be even better than 
store-bought ones.

*Mother's Bicycle Safety Flasher 
When you're riding in the midst of cars 20 times your weight, it's wise 
to have a bright light, including parts layout, positive of circuit 
board, turn-signal switch, diodes, transistors, materials list.

*More Is Not Better 
Former reader shares discoveries gleaned through process of retreating 
back to the land.

*The Rural Art of Capping a Spring 
Homestead Handbook for utilizing and relying on an undeveloped spring, 
including step-by-step illustrations, spring quality, capping time, 
other approaches and tips, reservoirs, pumps.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=197>*

*Mother's 1985 Garden Tiller Sampler 
If you've been considering investing in a power cultivator, this chart 
may save you some legwork.

*The Shaker Lap Desk 
Here's how to build a distinctive piece from the past that's useful even 
in contemporary times, including materials list, diagram, building 

*The "Blue Max": Affordable Wind Power 
Our second tool for harvesting power from the wind blends economy with 
performance, including lists of materials, detailed assemblies diagrams, 
building instructions.

*The Construction of Mother's Bioshelter Greenhouse 
Here are the details on the latest addition to Mother's ongoing, 
self-reliant homestead project, including notes on construction, growing 
beds, diagrams.

*Publish Menu Guides 
Telling people where to get a good meal can turn into a profitable 
part-time home business, including estimates, bits and pieces, selling 
yourself, how to do it.

*A Homemade Telescope 
Here's a way to build yourself a front-row seat for the arrival of 
Halley's comet this year, including optics, the tube, detailed diagram, 
the cell, eyepiece and diagonal mirror, alignment.

*Build a Fringe-Area Antenna for $20! 
If your television reception is poor to nonexistent, try making a stand 
with aerial combat, including diagrams, assembly and installation 
instructions, getting your signals straight.

*Solarc 98 <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=188>*
Earth sheltering and passive/active solar design team up for energy 
efficiency in Oklahoma, including floor plans, photographs.

*Ecoscience <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=187>*
An examination of the serengeti, a natural ecosystem, including more 
grass for grazers, one thing leads to another.

*Medical Self-Care 
Guide to improving ailing back pain, including common causes of back 
pain, rule out other diseases, exercise is the key, dos and don'ts.

*Friends of the Earth 

*Bandcycle Built for Two 
Take your bicycle out of winter storage and put it to use, when you 
ingeniously combine it with a band saw, including diagram, photographs, 
building directions.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*A Child-Built Cordwood Clubhouse 
Tackling a little project like this may inspire you to build a full-size 
cordwood house, including design features, personal innovations, masonry 
mud recipe.

*A Homemade "Factory" Solar Collector 
It is possible to slash the cost of solar water heating and still retain 
store-bought quality, including bought and built, trial without error, 
materials list, detailed diagram.

*Making and Using a Venerable Hand Sling 
You don't have to anticipate facing a foe named Goliath to enjoy a whirl 
at this sport, including manufacturing a sling, parts of the sling, 
overhand throwing technique.

*The Backyard Jungle 
How to identify and minimize the impact of these garden insect pests.

*The Seasons of the Garden 
Seed-saver's alert, including garden competitions, salads all summer and 
tomatoes of note.

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=175>*

*Down on the Farm 

      Issue #94

*A Shirt Tale <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6739>*
Don't throw out your tattered shirttails, you won't waste anything below 
the waist with this sewing, cloth recycling technique, including patterns.

*News From Mother 

*Dear Mother <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6737>*

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=174>*

*Economic Outlook 
Discussing the financial future, including graph of the economic long wave.

*An Herbal Medicine Chest 
How to develop a home health cabinet, including harvesting, drying, 
comfrey, Echinacea, garlic, angelica, valerian, using herbs safely, 
chamomile, calendula.

*Mother's Children 
Young author shares ten simple steps for building a really good go-cart, 
including building instructions.

*The Plowboy Interview: Dan Poynter 
Discussion of profitable pointers for self-publishers.

*Year-Round Watermelon 
Watermelon doesn't have to be just a summer treat; you can preserve it 
in a number of ways detailed here, including pickles and preserves, 
dehydrated watermelon, watermelon wine.

*Profiles <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=167>*

*Barters and Bootstraps 

*Watering the Garden 
Tips and advice for proper soil moisture levels, including soil and 
water, when to water, how often and how much, tools, water-saving 
tricks, strategies for conservation.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=166>*
B.V. Alvarez uses a dollar bill as a six-inch ruler; Jim Payette uses 
old baking soda to extinguish fires; Irma Wilson hangs a hook from the 
ceiling to help her get out of bed; Patty Pritchett put cheese on foil 
to alert her cat to a mouse's presence; Dixie Collum stores garlic in 
jars filled with cooking oil; Bill Krumbein invented a swiveling hose 
holder; Mike Carlos cleans his hands after automotive work with bacon fat.

*Super Glider <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=164>*
Here's a way to prove the movement of invisible waves of air and have a 
good time to boot, including pattern, construction, launch it.

*Can Your Tomatoes Carefully! 
Pay heed to the new USDA guidelines for preserving tomatoes, and to the 
author's heartfelt plea, including canning according to current USDA 

*A Survival Kit You Can Live With: The Experts Choices 
Outdoor survival kits from Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Outward 
Bound USA, The Tracker, National Outdoor Leadership School, Mother.

*A Tackle Box Belt 
How to construct this unique fishing accessory.

*Solar Technical Training 
The sun is just beginning to rise on the job market for men and women 
who have the right expertise, including guide and mailing information 
for solar training programs.

*Mother's Lifers <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=159>*
Numbers 6257 to 6278.

*Photovoltaics Today 
Solar cell technology is in a state of transition, and now may be the 
time to get involved, including home-scale PV matures, shopping for 
panels, new technologies, Arco Solar's genesis.

*Herb Garden: White Horehound 

*Building the Traditional Hewn-Log Home 
Mini-manual construction guide, including bottom line, foundation, 
acquiring logs, digging it, preservatives and finishes, the tools of the 
logsmith's trade, hewing, peeling, notches, splicing.

*Three tip-Top Timber Tools 
You might not be able to buy these tools at the store, but you can 
certainly make them, including the log tong, pry bar peavey, safety 
helmet, detailed diagrams, building instructions.

*Furniture Refinishing 
Here's the scoop on a money-making enterprise that requires little 
start-up investment and is welcomed everywhere, including getting 
started, quickie course, pricing, repairs and restoration.

*The Essential Outdoor Barbecue 
The cookout season is hard upon us, so why not build this cooker, 
including materials and pricing list, diagram and layout, building 

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=151>*

*Giardiasis in Paradise 
Water you drink in the pristine wilderness may not be as pure as you 
think, including beaver fever, transmission, disease, treatment, 
backcountry protection.

*Gardener's Glut <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=150>*
A noted author proposes a simple problem to that annual grower's problem.

*Ecoscience: Grazing Ecosystems From Theory to Practice 
Grazing ecosystems from theory to practice, including exotic livestock, 
multiple advantages, breaking traditions.

*A Landscape-Log Cabin 
These readers demonstrated their determination to do more with less with 
these construction designs, including diagram of floor plan, six easy 
pieces, future dreaming.

*Pumping Plastic! 

*Burkholder's "Briefcase" Solar Cooker 
You can let the sun heat your noontime meal while you go about your work 
or play, including detailed diagram, building instructions.

*Research Update: The Blue Max 
Mother put a little backbone between the blade skins and made a good 
thing even better, including blade patterns, construction directions.

*Write Your Own Will 
You may not be able to take it with you, but you can help control where 
it goes if you follow this procedure, including buried in paper, how 
should it be written, alternatives to wills, uniform probate code.

*Would You Like to Become a Midwife? 
There is a growing need for compassionate, skilled women to attend 
natural childbirth, including but can you become a midwife.

*Friends of the Earth 

*Medical Self-Care 
Seven laws for better health, including home health, alternative medicine.

*A Three-Stone Sharpener 
Maintenance is a must for your fine knives and blades and is made easier 
by building this device, including diagram, directions.

*Down on the Farm 

*Mother's Table Saw Survey 
An overview of different table saw models, brands and functions.

*The World's Best $6 Sawhorse? 
Here's a horse of a different color that will look like pure gold to the 
hassled handyperson, including diagram, building instructions.

*Chemical-Free Mosquito Control 
Using nature to solve natural problems is a sound idea, including 
physical control, biological control, betting on bacteria, permanent 
pool, floodwater and artificial container/tree hole groups.

*The Backyard Jungle: Part XIII: Hover Flies 
Determining friend from foe in the garden, including history, habitat 
and habits.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*The Solar Carriage House 
A blend of superinsulation and earth sheltering is a promising option 
for owner-builders, including Wallis carriage house, Merkel carriage 
house, the future, photographs.

*The Seasons of the Garden 
Research briefs on mulch as irrigation aid, cross pollinating chile 
peppers, garlic sprays for mildew, gleanings and more.

*Last Laugh <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=130>*

      Issue #95

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=131>*
News briefs on biological pest controls, puritan justice for polluters, 
cheap dirt, sodium-free soil, the cost of pollution controls, life 

*Homemade Granola Bars 
Recipe for homemade granola bar, variations on the theme and sidebar, 
Store-Bought Granola Bars: Health Food or Candy.

*Mom Tests the Soil Tests 
Right now is the best time to test your garden soil, but which earth 
exam you should give is investigated here, including soil test results 

*The Plowboy Interview 
Conversation with the editors of Mothering magazine and the parent as a 

*Choosing A Log Home Kit 
Log homes are attractive, versatile and relatively energy-efficient and 
range from summer-cottage-simple to palatial. Here's your guide to 
finding the best one for your needs and budget.

*A Sampling of Economic Newsletters 
Economic Outlook column delves into various financial publications.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=124>*
Irene Kubica sprays water on plants after the first spring frost to 
protect them; Joe Plaugh coats the bottom of his wheelbarrow with 
leftover enamel; Helen Levchuk keeps bugs out of her home by filling a 
coffee-bean bag with tomato plant cuttings and pennyroyal; Harold 
Newcomb dissuaded rabbits from chewing on their hutches by giving them 
untreated soft pine; Scott Garner, Bob Bailey and Larry Brown share 
chainsaw tips; Elizabeth Elliott saves herb seeds in nylon stockings; 
Ernst Erbe soaks rusted-together nuts and bolts in cola overnight.

*Extending the Season 
How to lengthen the growing season without a greenhouse, with plastic 
tunnels, including the tunnel cloche, the cold frame, how to use a 
cloche or frame, the big hitch.

*Squirrel Hunting: Some Tips for Tyros 
Hunting advice for beginners, also includes Sixty-Second Skinning 
sidebar by Winnie Hodgson and Woodlot Squirrel recipe by Sylvia Bashline.

*Mother's Children 
Young author and entrepreneur enjoys growing pumpkins and profiting from 
the harvest.

*A Field Guide to Tree Squirrels 
Illustrated guide to squirrel varieties.

*Mother's Herb Garden Joe-Pye Weed 

*A Mill-Slab Firewood Business 
If you live anywhere with access to both rural and urban areas, a little 
hard work and ingenuity can set you up in your own $10-an-hour business.

*A Roof-Over Retrofit 
Family discovers that putting a new roof on their old mobile home pays 
off in more ways that one, including how they did it, what they did and 
cross section.

*Economy Solar' To Go! 
Mother's research department mobilized its forces to produce a solar 
collector that cuts winter heating bills, including local tuning, ducts 
in a row, panels, diagrams and schematics.

*An Herbal Medicine Chest, Part II 
How to properly stock the home alternative medicine, green pharmacy, 
chest, including tinctures, salves, treeflower oil.

*At Home in the Wilderness 
How to construct two different long-term survival shelters, including 
the thatched hut and the mud hut, plan before you build, thatching, 

*The Greenhouse Solution 
Adding a greenhouse can solve high energy costs and improve dreary 

*A Saw Chain Troubleshooting Guide 
Illustrated guide predicts how to solve basic chain saw problems

*Weatherization and Conservation 
Chart compares different energy conservation methods and their cost 
versus conservation benefit.

*Woodstoves and Mobile Home Safety 
The pleasures and economic advantages of wood burning are now available 
to those who don't dwell in site-built homes.

*Mother's Add-on Garden Toolshed 
A central location and a few special features are the keys to this 
structure's usefulness, including construction, instructions, building 
tips, cross-sectional view, finishing touches.

*How Not To Insulate Your Attic 
Illustrated guide to proper attic insulation, including vent areas, 
gaps, right side up, puckers, loose or compressed insulation, animal 
nests, mold, mildew and rusty nails.

*Ten Woodstoves Have Made the Grade 
Only a few stoves have passed Oregon's emissions standards so far, 
including reading between the numbers, performance, stove manufacturers 
and specifications.

*An All-Purpose Straddle-Wheeled Hauler 
This carrier suits heavy loads that should be carried rather than 
dragged, including schematic, instructions, photographs, diagram.

*Mother's Band Saw Survey 
Table of band saw manufacturers and their model specifications.

*A Basic (and Beautiful) Boat 
How to build this simple, yet sound, waterfaring craft, including layout 
and sectional diagrams, instructions, photographs.

*Mother's Radiator Monitor 
Know your car's cooling system is in good shape, including parts layout, 
circuit board, how it works, building the monitor, installation, bill of 

*An Under-$10,000 Ozarks Home 
Couple leaves the city in search of the good life and combined high 
hopes and hard work to create their own Ozark oasis, including how they 
did it and house design highlights.

*Root Cellaring <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=101>*
Hoe to install a root cellar, including planning your cellar, building 
an outside or basement root cellar, decentralized storage, stocking the 
cellar and year-round harvest.

*Down on the Farm <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=98>*

*Easy Salt-Free Sauerkraut 
Recipe for making this popular German condiment.

*Chute the Sky! <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=100>*
Author enjoys experiencing the Earth from the birds' perspective with 
the Model PM-1 Para-Plane.

*Breeding an Epidemic Antibiotics and Meat 
Modern agriculture is rushing us into an unintended but dangerous form 
of genetic engineering, including antibiotics, how bacteria become 
resistant, livestock, the animal-human link, regulatory stonewall.

*The Backyard Jungle, Part XIV 
Tiny insects swarm and harm fruit and vegetable plants, includes 
history, recognition, prevention.

*The Seasons of the Garden 
Local sources of unusual plants; also includes research briefs and 

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

      Issue #96

*Mother's Lifers <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=93>*

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=94>*
News briefs on bacillus thuringiensis (BT), appropriate contraception, 
Culligan water watch hotline, working while sick and savory grasslands.

*The Plowboy Interview 
Conversation with the host of PBS' The Woodright's Shop television show.

*Making Klondike-Style Sourdough Pancakes 
How to make the perfect main course for a special winter morning, 
including personalizing the basic recipe.

*The Deficit Dilemma 
Guest columnist shares his carefully researched views on the current 
economic outlook of the United States.

*Island Life Down Under 
Couple moves to a South Sea island and shares their story, including not 
paradise, food and water, spare time.

*A Wild Idea <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=82>*
Growing wild flowers in urban settings seems like a novel idea, but pays 
off beautifully in many cities.

*Photovoltaic Products 
Today's solar industry is bringing PV power to the people, including a 
sampling of items on the market.

*Farewell to Toxic Fumes 
Stained-glass business operator finds a solution for removing toxic lead 
vapors from the workshop.

*Mother's Light-Bulb Test 
Chart details various brands and offers a performance comparison.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=86>*
George Earley's family stores winter supplies in shoe bags; Fred 
Hargreaves uses a mixture of light mineral oil and kerosene as a honing 
oil for whetstones; Bonnie Hamlin soaks cotton string before wrapping a 
package for a tighter bow; Kathy Machotka uses a street sweeping brush 
as a cattle backscratcher; Barry Churchill marks his chainsaw with the 
appropriate length for logs for his stove; Josun shares that bubble wrap 
provides privacy but allows natural light; Shirley Bredow says boiling 
rhubarb softens lime deposits; Bob Filipovich writes letters to 
relatives on the backs of his children's school papers to share their 
educational accomplishments; Claudia Barber greases a measuring cup with 
oil or butter to make pouring measured honey out easier; Shellinda 
Hampton freezes butter wrapping papers.

*Stitch a Stocking Surprise 
How to transform a child's Christmas stocking into a puppet, toy, 
including plain and fancy fixin's, mix and match, sewing tips.

*Instant Sailboat <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=80>*
Illustrated guide to building this seaworthy shanty.

*How To Buy a Business For Little or No Money 
Even those a few dollars down may still be able to buy a profitable 
business, including doing your homework, finding a business, making the 

*Ni-Cad Battery Charger 
Kiss wasteful disposable batteries goodbye by building this $6 charger, 
including proper care a feeding, the design, circuit board diagram, cost 
and materials list.

*The Tax Man Cometh 
Sidebar. The IRS can play a significant role in determining the 
prospective profitability of a business.

*Milk Money from Goats 
Young author makes money milking goats, including picking a breed, 
raising the goats, breeding, kidding, milking and selling the milk.

*Alaska <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=73>*
Author decides to homestead in Alaska and shares her experiences.

*Site Assessment for Alternative Energy 
An in-depth look at the alt. energy potential of your land, including 
solar, wind, natural factors and harvesting advice.

*Mistletoe Money <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=75>*
Cold cash really does grow on trees, if you're willing to go out on a 
limb, including harvesting mistletoe, packaging and pricing.

*A Handcrafted, Nuts-and-Bolts Chess Set 
Illustrated guide to turning industrial parts into chess pieces.

*Wahoo <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=71>*

*The Deer of North America 
Guide to the types of deer in our continent, including whitetail, 
blacktail, mule, antlers and racks.

*Break into Print with a Newsletter 
Writers tired of rejection slips might want to try starting their own 
publication, including legalities, figuring costs, testing the waters, 
printing, promotion.

*Choosing and Using a Tractor 
How to select the best tractor for your land and uses, including how a 
tractor works, winnowing the selection.

*The Secrets of Organic Container Growing 
Lush ornamentals, indoor herbs, year-round vegetables and colorful 
hanging baskets can all be yours, naturally, including soil mixes, 
culinary herbs, hanging baskets, care and maintenance.

*Energy Flashes <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=67>*

*Gym Dandies <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=66>*
How to build wooden home workout equipment - the inversion machine and 
sit-up bench - to keep love handles at bay and promote exercise and health.

*Mother's Drill Press Survey 
Chart of drill press manufacturers and the specifications of their models.

*1,800 (Not-Yet-Finished) Square Feet for $50,000 
Mother staffer trades his typewriter for a tool belt and shares about 
how he built his dream home.

*A Gift of Flavor <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=63>*
Great Christmas recipe collection, including recipes for mulled wine, 
herbed rice, herbed salad dressing, herb and fruit stuffing, super 

*Cut on a Hot Tin Roof 
How to make an attractive, efficient solar greenhouse for producing food 
year-round out of an old tin shed.

*A Pair of Unpurchased Perches 
A tree stand can open an new world to the outdoorperson, and this 
article has the diagrams and instructions you need to make two types.

*Dress (Your Chain) for Success 
If you're not to keen on manually sharpening your chain saw, try 
building this tool that will do it for you, including detailed diagrams, 
photographs, instructions.

*Seasons of the Garden 
A word of caution regarding wood ashes in the garden, also includes 
research briefs and gleanings.

*Shopping for a Home Computer 
How to select the right computer at the right price for your home, 
including making a plan, memory, where to buy, software, brands.

*Prefabricate Your Country Home'- In the City! 
If you itch to own a place in the country or vacation cabin, but can't 
afford to buy one ready-made and can't wrangle time away from work to 
build on-site yourself, this may be an attractive alternative.

*Lightwood: Nature's Own Fire Starter 
This wood means the end of crumpling up newspaper to light the woodstove 
and wasting valuable Coleman fuel to coax a reluctant campfire, 
including getting it started with pitch.

*The Backyard Jungle, Part XV: The Praying Mantis 
This garden insect eats both flora friend and foe, and therefore isn't 
as beneficial as a host-specific insect.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

      Issue #97

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=53>*
News briefs on good news for elephants, pesticides, sheep labor, sweet 
greens, children and handguns, the statistic impossibility of being a 
rural yuppie and plants and light.

*A Soul-Satisfying Soup 
Recipe for creamy vegetable soup with parsley dumplings.

*The Plowboy Interview: John Ott 
Interview with time-lapse photographer about the connection between 
varying light waves and plant growth.

*This Woodburner Needs No Chimney! 
There's a race on to meet woodstove emissions regulations and the 
Collins Bio-Energy Pellefier may well be at the head of the pack.

*Super-Early Tomatoes 
How to get vine-ripened, beautiful tomatoes weeks ahead of everyone 
else, including jumping the gun, ready, set, grow, the final spot.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=48>*
Mel Borden shares a recipe for home cold and cough soother; Julie 
Normand uses a grocery bag as a mitten to arrange wood in her stove and 
start the fire; Mrs. Doug Hugar freezes milk in cubes for coffee; Leon 
Jones uses instant coffee to clean car batteries; Jill Whalen puts 
plastic bags over her children's shoes to get the rubbers on easier and 
keep their feet drier; Georgiana Kotarski sprinkles salt on a cut lemon 
and uses that to remove tarnish; Bob Hamer turns plastic film containers 
into a handy stamp dispenser; Dave Barr cleans fireplace bricks with a 
vinegar, borax and ammonia mixture; Judi Rothkopf keeps snow in the 
freezer for efficiency.

*Anatomy of a Recovery 
Questioning Washington's motives, or lack of, to heal the ailing 
economy, keep inflation low and reduce the deficit.

*TV Addiction <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=45>*
Readjusting priorities so that family comes before television viewing, 
including taking actions, positive effects, the plug-in drug.

*Shiitake <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=46>*
A delight to the palate, the shiitake mushroom can turn waste wood into 
$20-per-pound produce, including inoculating the logs, fungus, sources 
for shiitake spawn, mushrooming profits, improving your woodlot.

*Dodging [Chimney] Draft Problems 
The venting system for a wood-burning heaters is every bit as important 
as the stove itself, including symptoms, problems and solutions.

*Make Your Own Books! 
Young author enjoys constructing, writing and illustrating her own 
books, including watercolor covers, lazy-man tie-die, materials.

*Backcountry Baking Stove-Top Style! 
Recipes for stove-top fry-pan cornbread, berry pie, Alaskan gorp torte 
and warm thoughts on cooking with wood.

*Ten Tidbits from Passive '95 
A number of significant new developments and discoveries were presented 
at this year's meeting of the Passive Diversion of the American Solar 
Energy Society.

*Meet The Winners of Mother's 1985 Garden Contest 
Profiles and garden layouts of competition winners, including Tre 
Megown, Merle and Sherry Hill, Norbert and Linda Monohan, David Fisher, 
Judith Hendrickson, Julia Jannings.

*Garden Record Keeping 
How to keep track of soil responses to different crops, food 
preservation, good varieties and their sources, timing, crop rotation, 
succession planting, fertilizer records, garden areas, costs, techniques.

*Mother's Herb Garden: Bay Laurel 

*Make a Quiz-In-A-Box! 
An old box, a few odds and ends, and your guidance can bring cheer into 
any child's day, including building a quiz-in-a-box machine.

*Oil-Furnace Troubleshooting 
When your oil furnaces quits, try some home diagnoses before calling in 
a professional, including five tips and symptoms.

*Choosing and Using a Tractor Part II 
How to keep the machine and its user, the farmer, in safe, working 
condition, including safety, maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

*A Crosstie Retaining Wall 
This structure is a simple, economical way to terrace uneven ground, 
including elementary soil mechanics, laying out and up the wall.

*Cat-Proof Your Stereo Speakers 
Bored cats find that fabric speaker grilles make excellent scratching 
posts, but you can foil your feline without spoiling your sound by 
following these simple preventative techniques.

*Mother's Thickness Planer Survey 
Chart of planer manufacturers and their model specifications.

*The Mountain Caribou 
Few Americans in the lower 48 have been lucky enough to lay eyes on this 
living anachronism, including the history, habits and habitat of this 

*Energy Independence, Today! 
Innovative construction techniques, passive heating and cooling and 
photovoltaics can make this dream a reality.

*Death of a Classic 
Feature examines the reasoning and consequences behind the Environmental 
Protection Agency's decision to phase out the lead-based gasoline fueled 

*A Portable, Pop-Up Ice-Fishing Shack 
When the frozen lakes call you to fish, this handy heated shelter will 
rise to the occasion, including diagrams, instructions.

*The World's Simplest "Pulse Jet" Heater! 
How to fight back against winter chill, including diagrams, how it 
works, instructions.

*Closing the Solar Circuit 
Second installment in series shows how to put a homemade solar water 
heater to work, including the equipment, a direct route, parts list, 

*The Seasons of the Garden 
Authors' favorite ways to grow seedlings, also including research briefs 
and gleanings.

*Waterpower Site Assessment 
How to determine the hydroelectric power and possibilities within the 
water source on your property, including playing surveyor, using a 
flow-duration table and curve, correlation.

*The Backyard Jungle Part XVI: Cutworms 
How to identify and rid oneself of these garden predators, including 
classes, history, controlling measures.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

      Issue #98

*The Backyard Jungle 
Get to know these wasp-like flies that prey on the eggs of garden predators.

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*True Grit <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=5976>*
How to build a surface sander that is every bit as smooth on your budget 
as your board, including detailed diagram, instructions.

*Primroses for Pennies 
How to start these small flowers from seed, including the great primrose 

*The Specialist <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=5973>*
Humorous excerpt from book of fiction.

*Become a Weed-Eater! 
How to get more flavor and nutrition from your diet, reduce your food 
budget, enjoy satisfying time outdoors and clean up your fledgling 
garden in the process.

*The Seasons of the Garden 
Special yield-boosting crop treatments, also includes research briefs 
and gleanings.

*Dennis's Burkalounger 
How to build this tree-attached lounge chair, including diagrams, 

*Beginning Cheese Making 
Guide to getting started making cheese, including milk requirements, 
renet, recipes for lactic cheese, caerphilly, step-by-step instructions.

*Mother's Low-Cost Home-Building Contest: The Winners 
A look at the families who won Mother's competition.

*Mother's Wood Lathe Survey 
Chart of lathe manufacturers and their specifications.

*Vegetable Medicines 
Recipes for alternative medicine, natural remedies for ill health.

*Triple Your Refrigerator's Life Span 
Perform these quick, once-a-year home-maintenance tasks to add life to 
your cooling kitchen appliance.

*Bits and Pieces <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=22>*
News briefs on high protein wheat, gourmet crops, helping the rural 
disabled, linking obesity and television, mail-order tax alert and seed 

*The Plowboy Interview: Rex Oberhelman 
How to net $27,000 from five organic acres.

*Shortbread to Crow About 
Recipe for Scotch shortbread.

*Gramm-Rudman: Remedy or Ruse? 
Examining the congressional balanced-budget amendment.

*Tilthing the Garden 
How to break spaded soil into fine particles before planting.

*Miniature Fruit and Nut Trees 
How to grow these tiny, fruit-producing wonders, including varieties 
chart, the history and future of mini trees, the virtues of miniatures.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=15>*
Cliff Truman shares how to make a device that eliminates stooping while 
sowing; Kenn Roman uses coffee filters when transplanting; W. Gorka ties 
fruit trees into an arc to ensure growth; Clinton Youts runs over 
fertilizer with his tiller; Maragret Kucharek shares syrup-making 
advice; Grace Haddad stores winter clothes in a water- and moth-proof 
plastic garbage can; Pamela Colberg tacks twine to roof leaks to stop 
the noise.

*Explore the World with a Pen Friend! 
Young author discovers the pleasures of an international pen pal, 
including meeting and examples of correspondence.

*The Digger: A Stream Pond that Carves Itself 
This pond adds beauty and value to a country home, and here is a way to 
create one without expensive and soil-damaging equipment.

*Controlling Erosion 
How to prevent erosion, including how it happens, fighting erosion with 
plants, vegetation, conquering the splatter, gullies, reading, cutting 
and using willow stakes.

*A Rooftop Oasis <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=11>*
Rooftop gardens provide valuable growing space and solitude in urban 
areas, including planting, maintenance, problems, looking back.

*Seed-Starting Secrets 
How to ensure the seeds you sow produce healthy, productive plants, 
including magic beans, a closer look, critical considerations and 
potential problems, some specific seeds.

*This is Tax Simplification? 
Tax statistics for contemplation and amusement.

*The Wyman Elk Ranch 
A Colorado ranching family has demonstrated for nearly two decades that 
raising wild ungulates for the commercial market is more fun that 
herding cattle or sheep and can be extremely profitable as well.

*The Dixon Land Imprinter 
This machine may help rectify the damage done by dozens of decades of 
overgrazing and overcropping our agricultural lands, including the 
air-earth interface processes.

*The Family-Strength High Chair 
How to build a sturdy, secure wood high chair, including diagram, 

*The Deep Bed Farming Society: Breaking New Ground 
The pioneering work of a dedicated group of biodynamic and 
French-intensive horticulturalists promises to help improve the 
productivity and weal of family farmers everywhere.

*Mother's Herb Garden: Yarrow 

*The Gang of Three <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=3>*
A simple way to speed up lawn maintenance with this simple tractor 
attachment, including diagrams, instructions.

*Radon Calling? <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=1>*
A quick, inexpensive way to find out if a deadly visitor is present in 
your home.

*The Saga of Franklin's Eagle 
An introductory look at the turkey, including its history, habits and 

      Issue #99

*The Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Choosing and Using an Electric 
Guide to electric fence selection, including the fencer, how it works, 
set up, planning a pasture fence, wire, posts, installation, hooking up 
the wire.

*Build a Super Canner! 
How to build this outdoor canning facility, including materials list, 
detailed diagrams, explicit instructions.

*A Home Security Alarm 
How to build and install an alarm that will keep your home safer and 
intruders at bay, including how it works, the system board, installing 
the alarm, circuit board layout, output options.

*The Seasons of the Garden 
A new way to control soil disease, also includes research briefs and 

*La Casa del Sol 
Sister brought 35 friends together to solar house, including function 
diagram, how she did it, from futurist from foundation digger.

*Death of a Classic Part II 
The Environmental Protection Agency's efforts reduce the level of lead 
in the environment has controversial consequences for owners of leaded 
gasoline-fueled automobiles.

*Ooze Who In Drip Irrigation 
The six beginner's kits can help you determine if a drip system will 
improve your garden yield, including Shur-Flo, Submatic, Burpee, 
Raindrip, Chapin, Irrigo, A Homegrown Soaker Hose sidebar by Lilah Pengra.

*A Medicine Cabinet That Reflects Good Taste 
Mother's bathroom cabinet design offers convenience with aesthetic 
enjoyment, including dimensions, advice, photographs, instructions, diagram.

*The Marquardts <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6001>*
Family is second winners in Mother's low-cost home-building contest.

*Skimming the Garden 
Discover what may be one of the handiest all-purpose weeding techniques 
around, including sharpening a spade and running it along the surface of 
the earth.

*Bad Bugs <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=5997>*
How to tell if your lettuce and other vegetables have been ruined and by 
whom, including flea beetle, corn earworm, Colorado potato beetle, 
Japanese beetle, control tactics.

*Buckwheat <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=5998>*
Buckwheat is easy to grow and great source of high-quality protein, 
including who has the varieties, how to grow buckwheat, kitchen and 
cooking applications, a brief history.

*Handle with Care 
Setting out spring seedlings demands careful preparation and a delicate 
touch, including temperature, water, transplanting, food, wind, light.

*Food Festivals <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=5993>*
Guide to summer food festivals, including recipes for chicken jambalaya, 
garlots, zucchini gazpacho, cranberry sour-cream coffee cake.

*Pick of the Crop 
The best new vegetable varieties from a gardener who has grown them, 
including lettuce, radishes, turnips, spinach, greens, onions, peas, 
cole crops, beets, carrots, potatoes, corn, beans, peppers.

*Knife Throwing <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=5988>*
Guide to the art of tossing a sharp object, including back-to-basics 
blade guide, throwing technique, getting set, proper throwing knives.

*Feedback on'- Newcomers, Neighbors, and Natives 
Readers respond to previously printed article.

*Mother's Herb Garden: Chives 

*Mother's Jointer Survey 
Table listing all the manufacturers of jointers and their specifications.

*An Afternoon with the Bears 
Author spends afternoon in the presence of black bears and relates some 
of the species' history and habits, also includes The Bear Facts sidebar 
by Lance Olsen.

*Dealing with Basement 
Illustrated view of a basement and the potential problems (and their 
remedies) it could face.

*The Gaia Hypothesis 
Examining the theory that the Earth really is alive, including what if? 
and in the meantime.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=5987>*
E. Noty cleans copper with catsup; Harla Estle uses an illustrated board 
to tell her young, illiterate children where she can be found; Russ 
Cockburn shares the secret to a structure surviving a flood is to open 
the doors and windows and allow water to flow freely through; P.J. 
Parziale nails roofing shingles to docks and steps to provide a cheap, 
no-slip surface; Helen Puls shares how to replace worn carpet runners; 
Christine Scheere records her broken clothes dryer and plays in the 
appliance shop for advice on how to fix the problem; Diane Graves uses 
egg shells to repel birds from her garden and mark rows; Leon Werdinger 
says tossing an orange or apple peel out the car invites critters to the 
road and creates road kill.

*Make Cardboard Houses! 
Young author discovers and shares inexpensive way to make fun houses and 
miniature towns.

*Crafts as a Business 
Cashing in on the crafts circuit can be both profitable and fun, 
including testing the market, costs, show selection, taxes and licenses, 

*Control Steam Erosion 
How to combat the negative aspects of streams, including understanding 
the problem, what to do, solving siltation, proper vegetation.

*Bits and Pieces 
News briefs on the zoning home businesses, households without a 
television, the link between organopesticides and poisonings, 
circumcisions, Chippewa tribe bands lead shot and beehive protection.

*Early-Summer Salad 
Recipe for light, warm-weather favorite dish.

*Decorate Inexpensively'- with Stencils 
Adding a personal touch to any room in the house is done easier than one 
might think, including pattern selection, cut, measure and paint.

      Issue #100

*The Best Weird Humor of Jack Vaughan 

*Mother's Bioshelter Greenhouse 
This quality greenhouse uses both solar and compost heat and houses 
rabbits and chickens, including structure, notes on construction, cross 
sections and floor plans.

*Heating and Cooling With The Sun! 
Author's home was designed for the California desert, but the attractive 
and innovative structure incorporates features that would be a blessing 
in any climate, including planning, how it works diagram.

*Learn How To Weld'- By Welding! 
An introduction to the useful and marketable skill that anyone can 
acquire, including basic exercises, butt and tee welds, laying a bead.

*Rooftop Bike Carrier 
If you look forward to riding - but dread hauling - your bicycle, you'll 
like this easy-to-build rack, including diagram, instructions.

*My "Truss-Worthy" Chairs 
If you thought only seasoned woodworkers build furniture, think again, 
including diagram, instructions, the jig, the chair.

*The "One of a Kind" Waterwheel 
The memory of a childhood paddle wheel helped this inventive gardener 
get water to his plants, including instructions, very detailed diagram, 
building advice.

*The Basement Built Wind Generator 
A low-investment windplant that's a backyard tinkerer's dream, including 
make do and make it work, the chain's weak link, a sound investment.

*Hunting: Some Tips for Tyros 
Guide to hunting squirrels, includes illustrated field guide to tree 

*The Care and Feeding of the Swiss Army Knife 
How to maintain the handiest pocket companion you can carry, including 
how to buy genuine, keeping blades sharp, screwdriver tips, to oil or 
not to oil, expense.

*Tap The Sun <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6030>*
The easy, low-cost way to add solar heat to your mobile home or metal 
outbuilding, including what it takes, how big, bill of materials, ducts 
and dampers, framing.

*Homestead Firearm 
How to safely load, clean and practice with a firearm, including 
choosing shells, gun alternatives, suggested shot sizes for hunting.

*How Good Are Wild Foods 
Chart details the nutritional information of many wild plants.

*Foot Power <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6026>*
Introduction to the pleasure of hiking, including making an Alaskan 
packboard, pacing and techniques.

*Woodstove Pollution 
In five short years, 28 manufacturers have risen to the challenge of 
woodstove pollution, including emission requirements, five rules for 
cleaner wood burning.

*Water <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6024>*
Making sure you are drinking enough, including little-known scientific 
facts, how much is enough, consuming more than thirst calls for, medical 
prevention by the gulp.

*The Gentle Art of Hunkering 
Many a country newcomer has to learn this basic and important rural 
skill, including tact, body language, nonverbal and verbal communication 

*Hazardous Household Substances 
Information is the key to consumer self-defense, including definitions, 
food additives, kitchenware, household products, pesticides, cosmetics, 
building materials.

*Country Lore <http://www.motherearthnews.com/index.php?page=arc&id=6021>*
The best homespun advice from past issues, including killing garden 
pests, ants, free mulch, recipe for gourmet mint vinegar, recycling 
homemade ice cream brine, covering cauliflowers, egg tests, produce and 
sharpening vegetable peelers.

*Grandma's Four-Strand Braided Rug 
Here's an attractive, old-fashioned floor cover that barely requires 
sewing, including planning, braiding techniques, keep it flat.

*Land Buying: Do's and Don'ts 
Don't let your enthusiasm for an ideal piece of property lead to costly 
mistakes, including access, water, sewer and drainage, utility 
availability, mineral and timber rights, protection, community attitudes.

*Hot Apple "Pie Sandwich" 
Reader shares letter, wherein this original recipe is divulged.

*Make Your Own Herb Teas 
Here's a healthful way to beat the heat this summer, or ease long winter 
evenings, including plant and tea description chart.

*The Salads of Summer 
Perk up your plate with these light - yet satisfying - single-dish 
meals, including recipes for tabouli, Balkan rice, cucumber-yogurt, cold 
broccoli, marinated bean and vegetable and chilled pasta salads.

*Don't Let Your Well Driller Give You The Shaft 
A customer's primer into well drilling, including pump comparison, 
drilling methods, capacity and yield, standard household water requirements.

*Cutting Wood (Safely!) With a Chain Saw 
Guide to dimembering tree limbs (without dismembering your own!), 
including hazards, how to handle a chain saw, bucking, felling large and 
small trees.

*Conversations with Mother 
Quips and quotes from past interviews, including John Shuttleworth, 
Peggy and John McMahon, Euell Gibbons, Jim McHale, Frank Ford, Norman 
Cousins, Pete Seeger.

*Safe Homegrown Pesticides 
You can rid your garden of many destructive pests with effective natural 
remedies, including pyrethrum, garlic, feverfew, marigolds and moles, 
moderation is the key.

*Mother's Minigardens 
Discussion of which gardening methods are best, including double-dug 
versus rototilled beds, straight rows or deep mulch, yields, space, 
fertilization, long-term effects.

*Watering The Gardens 
How to get a sometimes confusing job done as efficiently and effectively 
as possible, including soil and water, when to water, how often and how 
much, tools, water conservation, water-saving tricks.

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