[Homestead] Getting out of hospital alive, Golden Staph, necrotizing fasciitis,

clanSkeen sgian at planetc.com
Thu Sep 30 11:36:59 EDT 2004

Lisa wrote:
> My sister's youngest spent 6 days in the hospital when she was not quite
> two-weeks old, due to a staph infection acquired after her birth at the
> very hospital where she was born.

Which is why most children ought to be born at home with friendly bacteria
and hospital births should be reserved for those with sick pregnancies.

> Situations like this shake my belief, what little I have, in the medical
> establishment.  I don't have the statistic handy (or memorized--nothing
> stays memorized for me these days), but I have read that close to 25% of
> the people admitted to a hospital become worse due to what they are
> exposed to during their stay.

When my dad died as a direct result of his treatment (not that he didn't
have his own responsibility in what he was being treated for and which
treatment he chose), I had some horrendous statistic that hospital/doctor
caused deaths, DEATHS, if counted in that way, would be close to the top of
all causes of death in the US.  Then there is the statistic that some very
high percentage of all "health care" (meaning sick care) dollars are
expended in the last few days of a person's life.

And on a related note, some major pharmaceutical companies are getting out
of "anti-infectives" entirely.  Not profitable enough -- people actually get
better.  Better to put them on Paxil and Adderall and Celebrex and Prevacid
and anything that people will willingly shove down their throats forever --
or until the side effects kill them.


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