[Homestead] Getting out of hospital alive, Golden Staph, necrotizing fasciitis,

Lisa Perry lkvp at floydva.net
Thu Sep 30 10:16:22 EDT 2004

Tvoivozhd wrote:

> Doctors worry as drug-resistant staph infects more healthy people
> Associated Press
> (snip)
> The cause? Staph, a bacteria better known for causing skin boils 
> easily treated with standard antibiotic pills.

My sister's youngest spent 6 days in the hospital when she was not quite 
two-weeks old, due to a staph infection acquired after her birth at the 
very hospital where she was born. 
A couple of the days were pretty hairy, she was given a couple of 
different antibiotics that didn't do anything to get it under control, 
it took a third, even stronger antibiotic to finally take care of it. 

Situations like this shake my belief, what little I have, in the medical 
establishment.  I don't have the statistic handy (or memorized--nothing 
stays memorized for me these days), but I have read that close to 25% of 
the people admitted to a hospital become worse due to what they are 
exposed to during their stay.



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