[Homestead] Operation Truth

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Wed Sep 29 23:05:31 EDT 2004

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lurine at softcom.net writes:
Now, Drew, let's stick to the facts.  The troops (FORTY THOUSAND) were sent
over without the body armor and the Humvee side armor is still a work in

And where is the outrage over the temporary suspension of the millionaire
clubs tax break to provide even more body armor and the side plates that
didn't pass.  Oh, you aren't upset about that?  Because a Dem wrote it and
the Repubs defeated it?
Now Lurine, surely you don't think these vests were in the closet somewhere 
and could instantly be acquired and distributed do you? An order that size 
would require a HUGE amount of time to fill . Bush inherited the Gutted military, 
left without vests by Clinton. He had no choice but to send them and request 
the money. This is the money Kerry , Edwards, and Kennedy voted against. 


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