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General Abizaid quote: Gen. John Abizaid, head of the U.S. Central 
Command and commander of all military forces in Iraq, told a House 
Appropriations subcommittee in September that he could not "answer for 
the record why we started this war with protective vests that were in 
short supply."
heh, I can answer that as a member of a military family. My mother is 
recently retired DOD and my stepfather currently is in DC, with homeland defense. 
Bush did not pick the time for this and spend the years necessary to go to war, 
he had been President a very short time and had to send the military in with 
all that the Clinton years allowed. Vests were right up there on the list of 
things there were no funds for during the last 8 years. My mother worked 
specifically for Forscom at Ft. McPhereson. Her job was distributing this exact sort 
of item to troops and listening to her lament the lack of funds for even the 
most basic needs was really difficult. \\


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