[Homestead] not Ancient Ham Radio Gear

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Wed Sep 29 20:03:31 EDT 2004

 tvoivozhd :
some years back I ran across a Polish manufacturer of vacuum 
tubes, don't know if the market is good enough for them to stick 
around---though it is nice to have a noncompetitive niche.  A search 
will probably tell you what happened.

Thanks, Tvo - I had to read encouragement
from somebody before I ventured to search -
been disappointed too often about 'old stuff'
I guess ...

Yes ! the market *is* good enough, and
the niche may be more than slightly
"competitive" - turns out there are many 
dealers although I haven't 'asked' about
manufacturers - yet ....

What is just a tad unsettling is that when
I clicked on some of the inventories I was
flabbergasted to be reminded of tubes I
worked on for an outfit called Radio Valve
that was taken over by General Electric
way back when - I used a contact welder
to do several welds on the guts and shells 
of whatever tubes were running low in
inventory, working with a conveyor belt 
carrying the to-be-gradually assembled
tubes in front of me. One of the first
"decently" paying jobs I had after learning
how-to work in a canning/bottling company ....

Looking back at *that* makes me think
"I've come a long way, Baby" for a female
with only part of a Grade 9 education
because "girls are going to get married
when they grow up so why pay to educate
them ? Yeah. Right.

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