[Homestead] Operation Truth

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Wed Sep 29 19:03:40 EDT 2004

Now, Drew, let's stick to the facts.  The troops (FORTY THOUSAND) were sent
over without the body armor and the Humvee side armor is still a work in

And where is the outrage over the temporary suspension of the millionaire
clubs tax break to provide even more body armor and the side plates that
didn't pass.  Oh, you aren't upset about that?  Because a Dem wrote it and
the Repubs defeated it?

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> It was a full year before safe-in-bed Bush even thought about
> > providing grunts with body armor and Humvee armor.
> You mean the body armor and humvee armor Kerry, Edwards, Kennedy and their
> other cronies voted against????
> Drew
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