[Homestead] Ancient Ham Radio Gear - Was survival plan

Warren F. Smith WarrenSmith at PalmettoBuilders.net
Wed Sep 29 15:46:31 EDT 2004

A friend of mine owns this site: www.patbunn.com If you scroll towards the
bottom you'll find a link to his "guitar amp & vacuum tube site". I could
have sent the direct link but Pat's into so many cool things I thought I'd
share his homepage.

If he doesn't have the tube he'll know where/if one can be found.


>>tvoivozhd, some years back I ran across a Polish manufacturer
>>of vacuum
>>tubes, don't know if the jarket is good enough for them to stick
>>around---though it is nice to have a noncompetitive niche.  A search
>>will probably tell you what happened.

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