[Homestead] Education, a blue frog and lollipop tree

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Wed Sep 29 18:45:41 EDT 2004

DSanner106 at aol.com wrote:

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>lurine at softcom.net writes:
>Unfortunately, the mentality that says only doctors know anything about
>medicine is still alive and well to the detriment of their patients in
>You are so right, and this is one barrier we need to break down. My wife is a 
>Family Nurse Practitioner in a state where people in some places have to 
>drive 2 hours for a pediatrician and the doctors unions have seen to it FNP's 
>cannot set up shop alone, they must be under a doctor, and he must see each 
>patient. A terrible situation for everyone.
tvoivozhd---in all hospitals the nurse is a lackey and doctors are God.  
The nurse is permitted to transmit the knowledge she accumulated in a 
lifetime of observation and observation, only to the doctor---never, 
never, never to the patient who lives or dies as a result of quality of 
medical treatment.  Why, on accasion my nurse-daughter sometimes 
accompanies me around the VA hospital, and confers often with me on her 
opinion of the doctors' treatment.  They can't shut her up because she 
works in Wisconsin.

I have some very good doctors and a couple of idiots who know less about 
current medical research and treatment than I do.
I'm not all that reticent about expressing my opinion, but mention of  
"malpractice" causes a sudden silence among administrative staff.  The 
cover-your-ass tradition is strong in hospitals, even in the VA where 
lawsuits to get rid of killer-doctors are almost totally outlawed.


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