[Homestead] Home workshop tools, equipment, some distantly-related

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Wed Sep 29 18:14:35 EDT 2004

Distantly related, but useful tools and products---the penalty you have 
to pay for my disorganized mind.  Some good moneymakers here though.

http://www.geocities.com/PicketFence/Garden/5461/  (homemade tools to 
make lapstrake, woodstrip boats.  No plans, just pictures, including 
beautiful decked sailing canoe.  These are rarities, bring thousands of 
dollars when they come up for sale.)

http://www.taunton.com/finewoodworking/pages/w00126.asp  (run 
three-phase electric motors on single-phase current)

http://www.taunton.com/finewoodworking/pages/w00051.asp  (HVLP turbine 
paint sprayers)

http://www.ganoksin.com/  (jewelry makers forum on materials, tools, 
processes---a must-see website for wannabe jewelry goniffs))

(since the Homestead archives recently came into being, I keep stumbling 
into this stuff on home workshop tools and projects)

http://geoparent.com/home/food/homemadebabyfood.htm  (little far afield, 
tools for babies, make your own baby food, with some sage advice on 
taking it slow and easy)

http://wireless.gumph.org/articles/homemadeomni.html (per the recent 
Homestead List discussion with James Skeen and Don Bowen on now mostly 
useless electronic knowledge and equipment, some newer variants are 
alive and well---for example homemade 2.4 GHA Omni Antenna here   
http://wireless.gumph.org/articles/homemadeomni.html   and a 
mini-wireless antenna for your laptop in the sidebar reference.

http://www.stretcher.com/stories/970606a.cfm  (kid stuff, play-dough and 
bubblemaking recipies---latter great for a cheap, animated 
attention-getter at flea markets and craft shows.)

(more playdough and fingerlicking paint)

(cam't repeat too often or too much about the utility of a homemade 
vacuum-forming machine---the Armorama is tiny, larger two-stage 
vacuum-pump and vacuum storage tank which I have posted in the past, are 
more practical, more productive and more expensive---there are 
occasional uses for a tiny cheapy though)

(and a laptop wireless antennae

http://www.stuartnye.com/about.htm  (dammit, should have incorporated 
this article on Depression-Era jwwelrymaking in the previous post.  If 
you can make it in a home business during the Depression, you can make 
it anytime, anywhere---six mile wide comet permitting)

http://www.righthook.com/fahome.html  (if you're really pissed about Big 
Brother and want to keep a low profile until D-Day, books on making your 
own automatic weapons and gunpowder)

http://www.uniqueprojects.com/projects/paper/paper.htm  (be a 
papermaker, you are surrounded by free-for-the-gathering papermaking 
supplies---the most beautiful paper is homemade and any thickness, 
texture, color you choose+

http://www.sare.org/publications/core_info.htm  (SARE data on improving 
your soil, your garden, fields, farm income, pest-control, composting,, 
the cultivation equipment available for the farmer, Creamline for the 
small private-consumption or small commercial dairy.  Try it, you'll 
like it.)

(State Fair List---about 1946 my Mother and i ran a Wisconsin Fair 
cafdteria concession, fed four thousand customers a day)

http://www.primitiveways.com/pt-composite_bow.html  (make an Asiatic 
Composite Bow)

http://pennswoods.net/~zigbug/  (for a lot of homemade woodlot products, 
you've GOT to have a bandsaw, whether it is homemade or a WodMizer with 
all the bells and whistles, or the take-it-to-the-log
I've had the Rake bandsaw plans for years---now vefy much improved and 
more expensive at $1200 for materials---his first version cost $600.

http://www.bmumford.com/cncindex.html  (homebrew CNC machine tools, lie 
down and take a nap while the machine does all the work)

http://nv.essortment.com/claytileshandm_rzfz.htm  (homemade baked clay 
tiles, stroll into Architects office with samples, into Interior 
Designers studios with a picture-tile wall decoration under your 
arm---my youngest boy with a large regional floor and wall-covering 
business would be interested.)

http://www.flyrockets.com/websites.asp  (I dunno, I posted plans and 
prices on a %5000 cruise missile which is the equivalent of any 
medium-range U.S. Military cruise-missile---the free plans are no longer 
posted on the designers website, bu available for a reasonable fee.  
Heres some stuff on less ambitios rocketry)

http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/castingpulleys3.html  (casting and 
turning a metal vee-belt pulley---click on articles #1 and #2)

http://www.torotrak.com/variator.html  (if ou run a speed-dependent 
drive in your small factory, you will have to drive it with a variator.  
You can machine a variator, but you won't save any money,these are 
pretty cheap. Forgot the brand, but I used to buy them for my factories 
as low as $17.95)

http://www.csgnetwork.com/pulleybeltcalc.html  (ratio-calculator for 
drive and driven pulley)

(A Chrysler-assigned CVT (continuously variable transmission, no 
drawings here, only claims, but you get the

http://www.gokartsupply.com/tcterms.htm  Comet drive CVT used in 
motor-scooters, as I remember Salsbury was the first, or at least one of 
the first to do this.)

A CVT is used a lot in an air-to-air whole house heat exchanger, where 
you want to fine-tune the the amount of air exhausted and bro brought in 
for the correct number of turnovers across a twenty four hour 
period---the flow volume depends on the cubic footage of the house)

Also used in stirring liquids where the viscosity changes, or it is 
desirable to change the shear-rate of the blades---as in stirring papier 
mache, papercrete, mixing paint etc.

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