[Homestead] Thinking about national well-being

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Wed Sep 29 12:31:35 EDT 2004

>Of course INVESTMENT---in bringing a large share of the poor into 
>wealth-producing status is the only intelligent course of action.

Seems to me the issue is between trickle-down and building up. The 
trickle-down theory seems to depend on the largesse of the few at the top. 
The building up is based on a strong foundation.

Again, I reach for real estate to illustrate. Entry-level housing is the 
broad foundation of the huge real estate pyramid. Fifty-million-dollar 
estates are at the pinnacle. Entry-level houses gain equity, young workers' 
income rises; their families enlarge; they buy larger, second-level houses. 
This continues over their working lives. Each tier above is narrower than 
the one below. And it is the foundation that holds it all up. Build a 
stronger, wider foundation and the entire house is the better for it.

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