[Homestead] Cash production, was The Piggy Bank is empty

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Wed Sep 29 12:20:17 EDT 2004

>I wonder about the *need* warmth thing.   People adapt.   My parents are
>from the mountains of SW Virginia and grew up hard and lean. . . .
>They feel miserably cold at 68 degrees now of days

Trust them to trust their bodies to tell their brains what it wants. 
Biofeedback. I grew up in Wisconsin. Here in Phoenix, what passes for 
winter is laughable but has me reaching for a jacket. Because my motivation 
to be there is so strong, I have no doubt that I will reaclimate to 
Heartwood. The mind controls.

I'm not sure about the premise that what we
>nay-sayers point out is not an answer until we come up with an alternative.

Well, it is not useful to tear down without offering a plan for a better 
building. Reminds me of my father's admonition: "If you can't say something 
good, don't say anything." In his value system it was a matter of personal, 
family and community integrity.

The point was that real estate and stocks may well be the *best* alternative
>to achieve the restated goal, but they are none the less risky enough and

All investments carry risk. More potential gain typically entails greater 
risk. An investor will always be most successful by becoming most informed.

Perhaps it is the reliability factor that worries. Probably has to do with 
personal control, the understandable fear that security is diminished when 
factors are further from home. A predictable condition for we homesteaders.

Reminds me of a Santa Monica book-signing. A young man challenged me by 
stating/asking if we homesteader types are not provincial. I disarmed him 
by simply saying, yes, that is a fair appraisement. He apparently equated 
the homestead mindset as being narrow. I agree, but my perspective is that 
it is a refinement gained after surveying the field.

1) Cultivate your relationships with family and community.. . . 2)  Invest 
some money in something very, very stable.  Like treasury
>instruments. . . . 3)  Keep your needs and desires modest, moreso as you 
>grow older, . . . 4)  Work toward the part of your life when you 
>absolutely can't earn any money being as short as possible.


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