[Homestead] Ideology triumphs over security

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I no longer have the publications it was in, but there was a big wave of
"cleaning house" as the Bushy cabinet called it.  It didn't happen two weeks
after he took office, it *started* two weeks after he took office.  Being
fired by the FBI or CIA comes with implied warnings.  People usually don't
fight those firings because it doesn't do then a heck of a lot of good and,
in fact, causes them problems as the revenge factors follows them.  Those
jobs are all "at will" and the firings were supposedly (emphasis on
supposedly) with cause.  There was a list of infractions that were listed
and were excuses (using e-mail for private purposes, making calls on company
time, etc.) for the firing as they had been ignored for years and only
selected folks who had abused them were fired.  There was communtary that a
disperportionate number were gay.

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> Yes, it happened in the first two weeks Bush was in
> office---coincidence? of course not---
> Just how, in two weeks would all these people (do you have numbers or
> be identified and dismissed in such a short timeframe?? Really amazing
> Clinton instituted the "don't ask,
> don't tell", and routinely violated even that.
> Don't ask don't tell had been in place for decades, Clinton just made it
> official lame policy. A complete stab in the back to the gay community he
> courted during his elections.
> Bush, all his staff and
> political appointees are beholden to the religious right
> crowd---wouldn't cross them for anything.
> You really think the religious right outed all the gay translators to Bush
> his first week in office and demanded their dismissal???? A bit of a
> The religious right, although having a republican in office, will never
> the president, his staff and all his appointees.
> Drew

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