[Homestead] Voter Fraud in Florida

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Wed Sep 29 00:04:39 EDT 2004

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tvoivozd at infionline.net writes:
A well-planned and effective voter fraud by Kathleen Harris, and 
continued under her successor, Hood.
at least tell the whole story.....

The Federal govt. delivers a list of convicted federal felons to states that 
don't allow them to vote so they can be removed from the role. I believe I saw 
that 50,000 were on the Fla list. Carter is saying this is unfair because 
such a large number are black and trying to make a racial issue where one does 
not exist. If you are a felon, you lose. I don't care what color you are. 
Nothing unfair about that. About 3500 that have received pardons have to be manually 
added back to the role. Basically, Carter will be satisfied when hispanic 
start committing enough crimes to overtake black numbers.


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