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My oldest daughter is a very talented mathematician. Her first female 
math teacher did her damndest to discourage my daughter from taking 
mathematics---said it was not a proper vocation for women. My daughter 
was stubborn, went to the Principal to get the teacher off her 
back---and went on to study mathematics and statistics under a different 
teacher, the underpinning of her Project Manager, Systems Analyst and 
Compliance Manager work for the past five years or so---doing some 
things I cannot comprehend at all.

If I had known about this dum-dum teacher I would have blown my 
stack---I suppose I would have learned about if my daughter had been 
unable to solve the teacher problem on her own---maybe preventing a 
homicide. I've always been pretty serious about my kids learning 
anything and everything in which they were interested. .
I agree, and this is a problem faced by not only women but men as well. My 
is a Nurse and Nursing Professor. While in school, she told me horrible 
stories about
how male students were bashed, mistreated, given the worst patients, and 
questions in an effort to drive them out of the program. They were typically 
30-1 and would usually be the only male in a given class. The all female 
faculty (my wife
still knows just 1 male nurse professor nationwide) panel had to be forced to 
admit them
during the review process and really defended nursing as a female profession. 
As bad
as the nursing shortage is in this country and others, we can't afford to 
turn away any
seeking such a career.


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