[Homestead] Ancient Ham Radio Gear - Was survival plan

clanSkeen sgian at planetc.com
Tue Sep 28 22:12:04 EDT 2004

> tvoivozhd---had one of those too., and a machine for restoring dead TV
> monitors.

Ah yes, that contraption that overheated the filament and then vibrated the
cathode until the oxidation flaked off giving you a clean raster for a
little while longer.  My very last Heathkit I built was the transistor curve
tracer that fed into the oscilloscope for the display.  That way  I could
buy up those drums of industrial surplus transistors and check the paramters
of the good ones and use them in my repair business.

Jesus, what a head full of old useless things I have.

" Nam memini etiam quae nolo, oblivisci non possum quae volo "
       Cicero in De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum
      "Teach me not the art of remembering,but the art of forgetting;For, I
remember things that I do not wish to remember but, I cannot forget things I
would wish to forget".


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