[Homestead] Ancient Ham Radio Gear - Was survival plan

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Wed Sep 29 00:49:53 EDT 2004

clanSkeen wrote:

>>tvoivozhd---I really HATED IT when Heathkit shut down.  They produced
>>some marvelous kits, the construction of which was an unmatched learning
>>experience.  There were a couple of other kit-producers too that no
>>longer exist---I built quite a few
>Then you no doubt recall the ubiquitous Knight Kits from Allied Radio:   the
>T-60 and T-150 transmitters that used the equally ubiquitous 807 tube for
>the final.   Probably the pinnacle of the tube maker's art.  And the (was it
>R-55??) StarRoamer Receiver.  My father is quite completely color blind and
>I well recall sitting by him around 1960 or so while he built each of those,
>"Let's see, we need a 4" wire red and yellow and it goes to the 120K
>resistor, that would be black, red, green ..."

tvoivozhd---yeah!, yeah!, yeah!!---I built many,many of the Allied 
kits---knew I was making a financial (and historical) mistake when I 
discarded a three-car garage full of  every vacuum tube in the world 
when I left Houston.  Also tons of test equipment (really liked that 
dual-trace recording oscilloscope, and my old Heathkit direction-finder 
used on my schooner.. Figured all the electrolytics were drying up for 
lack of use.

>In college I was the only licensed operator (very small college, the
>seminary, I don't want to talk about it) and the radio facility had a
>Heathkit HX10 Marauder Transmitter, a HA202 Warrior linear amplifier, and
>the RX1 Mohawk receiver.  I had lots of fun with those.  Later when I hung
>out my shingle as a bench technician (now there's a dead trade!) I built all
>the Heathkit test equipment and just threw away some of it not a month ago.
>Still have the oscilloscope,  I also have the discrete wired hand held 2M FM
>rig (don't recall it's numbers) that used crystals ... discrete wired and
>crystal controlled, a technology that was passing out of existence even as
>the solder was cooling!

tvoivozhd---had one of those too., and a machine for restoring dead TV 

>What a thing to have been part of!  From tubes on a metal punched chassis
>all the way up to disposable LSI techno-crap  ... and every evolution in
>between.  Yup, it was all fun.
>    73's

tvoivozhd---same to you, kept my Air Force Radio Operator ticket alive, 
but none of the Ham Radio gear---my kids still have and use their gear.

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