[Homestead] Ideology triumphs over security

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Tue Sep 28 16:38:41 EDT 2004

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tvoivozd at infionline.net writes:
No, it is not illegal to fire gay translators in the 
military or CIA.  
If they are military, they are not fired, they can be discharged. If they 
work for the CIA, they are civilians and cannot be fired for their sexual 

Yes, it happened in the first two weeks Bush was in 
office---coincidence? of course not---
Just how, in two weeks would all these people (do you have numbers or names) 
be identified and dismissed in such a short timeframe?? Really amazing
Clinton instituted the "don't ask, 
don't tell", and routinely violated even that. 
Don't ask don't tell had been in place for decades, Clinton just made it his 
official lame policy. A complete stab in the back to the gay community he had 
courted during his elections. 
Bush, all his staff and 
political appointees are beholden to the religious right 
crowd---wouldn't cross them for anything.  
You really think the religious right outed all the gay translators to Bush 
his first week in office and demanded their dismissal???? A bit of a stretch. 
The religious right, although having a republican in office, will never control 
the president, his staff and all his appointees. 


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