[Homestead] Ideology triumphs over security

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Tue Sep 28 19:40:04 EDT 2004

DSanner106 at aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 9/28/2004 1:37:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>tvoivozd at infionline.net writes:
>I was horrified to see that within two weeks after Bush took office, the 
>CIA fired all of their expensively-trained Arabic translators because 
>they were gay---who the hell needs to find out what our enemies have in 
>mind for us anyway.  I never liked flying blind, but it is a way of life 
>in the Oval Office.
>There are two nearly unbelievable aspects to this, One being that every 
>single arabic translator was gay, and two, that somehow George Bush in his first 
>two weeks of office

tvoivozhd---no, no and no.  That is a wild misinterpretation of what I 
actually said and what actually happened---I watch anything to do with 
national securithy like a hawk, and my horror is an understatement.

No they did not fire every Arabic translator.  Yes, they fired every gay 
Arabic translator.  No, it is not illegal to fire gay translators in the 
military or CIA.  Yes, it happened in the first two weeks Bush was in 
office---coincidence? of course not---Clinton instituted the "don't ask, 
don't tell", and routinely violated even that. Bush, all his staff and 
political appointees are beholden to the religious right 
crowd---wouldn't cross them for anything.  I read the religious right 
publications on a daily basis too, even the Armageddon and heterosexual 
marriage dissolution news that World Net Daily predicts as a result of 
gay marriage.

>focused his energy into rooting out gay arabic translators and is the reason 
>for this. In addition, it would be illegal to fire these employees due to 
>sexual orientation and highly 
>unlikely that such a thing would be done. Where did you read this ??

tvoivozhd---damn, don't you read anything but your local newspaper?  I 
posted this within two weeks of Bush taking office, expressing my 
outrage because experienced the military implications of being unable to 
communicate with people with whom my Air Commandos  came in contact.  As 
a result we had a hell of a time learning where the Japanese were 
located or intruding.  Unlikely, my ass.  How did you come to such a 
bizarre conclusion?  The news was not in every newspaper, because every 
newspaper editor does not personally realize the implications of the CIA 
firing Arabic translators---usually take their news from the AP nursing 
bottle alone.

You make sense on a lot of things, but I'm going to bite hell out of you 
on this lapse of logic.

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