[Homestead] one of three : (volcanoes

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Tue Sep 28 12:16:00 EDT 2004

>An almost-as-bad event is the upswelling Yellowstone---as I recall, it has 
>risen about thirty feet---at some point it will blow and extinguish all 
>plant and animal life in a quarter or more of the United States.
>Thinking people will get out of the way of that, too.

My current read is John McPhee's Annals of the Former World. All about 
geology, how what we view came to be. Uplifts pushed mountains up thirty, 
forty thousand feet, rain and wind flattened them, then more uplifts, 
repeat, repeat, repeat. Seas covered Wyoming, then retreated. Very little 
happened quickly. A spot on earth moved five inches in ten thousand years. 
For hundreds of millions of years. A million years is a blink in the 
history of the shaping of the world. Relax. But don't live on or near a 
hotspot or on the beach.

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