[Homestead] Instant messaging replaces office e-mail

Warren F. Smith WarrenSmith at PalmettoBuilders.net
Tue Sep 28 11:13:13 EDT 2004

I'm with you on this TVO.

First it was repeater radios, then digital pagers, then mobile telephones,
then "nextel" type "push to talk" radios, and now instant messaging. It is a
real invasion of private time and privacy. I think it has taken away from
careful thought or reflection in many ways. It used to be a lot harder to
make yourself misunderstood or to jam your foot in your mouth.

I was negotiating a large design-build construction contract which my
company really needed. The meeting was going very well, and had lasted maybe
an hour longer than expected. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to turn off my
nextel. All of a sudden another proj. mgr. with my company pipes up on the
nextel with no chance to mute him and says "hey big guy...you sign that
da&*ed contract yet? Needless to say that went over like flatulence in an
elevator and we didn't get the contract.

I still carry the nextel but the volume is low and it's left in the truck
during meetings.

I will sign on to aim to call clients who insist on it or to announce
telephone callers to others in the office unobtrusively, but other than that
it has no use around here.


tvo wrote:
>>I shut off Instant Messenger when it rears its ugly head on
>>my computer
>>screen.  Unless I scream SNAKE, at someine about to step on a
>>rattler, I
>>require more time for reflection in conversation, electronic
>>or otherwise.

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