[Homestead] Homestead survival plan

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Tue Sep 28 00:16:26 EDT 2004

Gene GeRue wrote:

> I changed the subject line so this material is more easily found in 
> the archives and copied Tvo's present post below this next piece, 
> which he wrote earlier and I saved. Some redundancy of course, but 
> that just underlines importance.
> Earlier post:
> tvoivozhd---as I said before, building a mostly self-sufficient rural 
> homestead is the most drastic political statement you can 
> make---providing you really do it.

tvoivozhd---Just back from tanking up at the VA----fortunately 
AB-Positive is a near-universal recipient..  The post and repost are 
generic advice.  I have been only in verbal stage of survival planning  
(the income problem)  with my oldest son, who acts as an information 
relay-station to his two brothers.  He was down here for a week, and 
flew back to Wisconsin last Sunday.
The three boys have a lot of similarities, but have different 
businesses, which I suspect will affect their receptiveness to my 
advice.  However the oldest "lived engines" when he was eight or 
nine---did a better job of disassembling and rebuilding them than I 
thought possible---a gratifying surprise, since I did not teach him 
anything about model aircraft engines, or for that matter, about 
automobile engines..

If I can batter this computer into submission---(problem with RAM sticks 
and slots), I'll see what I can come up with MY preferred integrated 
rural income solution, allocation of always limited capital and time, 
and from which income comes creeping back---both using the Critical Path 
Method---don't know if I can post the last, since I have never had the 
occasion creating charts on my computer---maybe my oldest daughter will 
help me, she does this all the time in her line of work.

I like diversity, so I will include both rural manufacturing and quick, 
plus quicker high-profit ag endeavors.  have to remind myself that these 
have to include  the  insufficiently emphasized  packaging  and  
advertising  flyers, advertising on the package too.  Selling ag 
commodities to middlemen was no intellectual challenge, but put the vast 
majority of farmers out of business.

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