[Homestead] "women's work" .... ??

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Mon Sep 27 20:11:25 EDT 2004

>I wonder who "they" are - all the women I
>know would take a brain over brawn, given
>the choice, for *any* long-term relationship ...
>(and I know very few women who have
>not been married at one time or another)
>but a short skirt wins over even most pretty
>faces when guys are 'looking' ....

Sheesh! What a sexist statement! You are saying that women choose men using 
their brains and men choose women using their uh, um, er, ah, eh, agh, 

Ain't it amazing how nature ensures survival of the species? Now, THAT is 
intelligence. So you see, hormones are smarter than brains. We guys have 
reason to be cocky.

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