[Homestead] Electoral College map in great detail

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
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O.K., I know it's you this time <g>  We only have quakes that rattle the
insurance companies once in a blue moon unlike Florida that costs the
taxpayers mightly with their hurricanes almost yearly!  How many billions
are we paying out this year because folks choose to live in hurricane

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> > The Electorical College puts all the States on an almost equal footing,
> What if voter apathy were unequally distributed among the states?  Each
> state's Electoral College contribution is somewhat fixed, eliminating
> the effects of regional voter turnout disparity.
> very true, the whole aim of the system we have in place was to keep states
> with great populations from ruling the country. If Californians believed
> strongly in something that was good for them and bad for most of the
country and
> turned out, we would all be paying their earthquake insurance policies.
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