[Homestead] The Piggy Bank is empty, Wall Street reacts

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Sun Sep 26 13:50:53 EDT 2004

>tvoivozhd---you don't come to eminent domain, it comes to you---in rural 
>as well as city areas---clearly visible in property-taking electrical 
>power lines walking across my neighbors' property, and in the current 
>fight against gas transmission pipes intended to benefit Atlantic coastal 
>areas, not Appalachian residents.

This is akin to stating the obvious: there are no certainties except death 
and taxes. Wise people weigh risks, make informed choices, move ahead. Fear 
steals movement.

>>Let me explain the change (the rapidly-accellerating change) from the 
>>African Veldt to today.  In small-tribe societies, "investment" in land 
>>was more time-stable.  Each tribe of about twenty individuals had to 
>>defend territory borders against land-hungry invaders or die.  A simple 
>>task without complications'.

Whew! I will take today's conditions, thank you.

>Investments, including land-investment are no longer time-stable.
>Hidden undercurrents of risk lurk under the surface in an overpopulated 
>world.  You do the best you can to improve the odds and that's all you can 
>do---plus maintain no illusions---hope your losses occur while you are 
>young and mentally resilient enough to regain your footing.

So from your 83-year-old perspective, what would you do if you were 
starting over?

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