[Homestead] Where to buy was: Wall Street reacts

tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sun Sep 26 12:51:17 EDT 2004

Don Bowen wrote:

>> Beyond knowledge and tools, the major investment for a serious 
>> homesteader is land. Without it, you are improving the investment of 
>> someone else. If one chooses to not depend on a pension fund or 
>> social security, then one must provide for one's own financial security.
> One of the purposes of traveling around in my trailer will be to look 
> at land.  I intend to look with the idea of where will I spend the 
> rest of my life.  I was something relatively inexpensive which means 
> away from major metropolitan and tourist areas.  I want decent 
> rainfall or easily available water which unfortunately removes much of 
> the west.  I want decent dirt because I do not have the time to build 
> up another block of soil.  The good soil does not need to be all that 
> much, just enough for a good sized garden.  I want a more temperate 
> climate with a long growing season and no extended periods of below 
> freezing weather.  So I intend to look around as I wander around.
>>  What investment would you suggest that will pay the taxes and 
>> utilities, pay for dependable transportation, replace worn-out tools, 
>> buy seeds, and, yes, buy a new computer in one's post-working years?
> That is an issue I have grappled with and do not have a decent 
> answer.    Business decisions and a sudden loss of employment in the 
> last 5 years have left me with less than I anticipated.  The actions 
> of the thieves in DC have transferred so  much wealth to the wealthy 
> that my SSI will be almost meaningless.  So I invest a little in a 
> trailer and a couple of years wandering around the country while I 
> ponder this issue and where to live.
> Don Bowen
> Awl Knotted Up Woodworking
> Valley Center, CA             http://www.braingarage.com
tvoivozhd---at least you are seriously examining alternatives in 
providing your own security---most people do not do that, or even think 
about itl  You are fortunate in having acquired a lot of workshop skills 
and a fair amount of tools---both give you a lot more options. Keep on 
trucking---especially with the water resources.far enough away from 
cities so cities do not confiscate them.

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