[Homestead] Whither Iraq

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Sun Sep 26 12:45:30 EDT 2004

Regarding the recent Bush-Allawi dance:

1. Bush bought Iraq. Americans, Brits and a few others are paying the 
price, in lives and taxes.
2. Politicians say whatever they think they need to say to stay in power.
3. Iraq will become what committed Iraqis want it to be, not what we want 
it to be.
4. Regardless of how most Iraqis may feel about what we have done so far, 
their pride demands that we leave asap.
5. The Bush Wag The Terrorist Dog is pure political spin; the enemy was and 
is militant Muslims. They will not accept our presence on what they see as 
their land. We can keep killing them and they can keep recruiting more who 
are willing to die for their cause. Are you and yours willing to die for a 
political solution that satisfies them? It's a choice.
6. I put a high value on American lives. Bush puts a much lower value on 
them. Politicians accept loss of American lives and "collateral damage" as 
the price that must be paid to maintain and pave their way to greater power.
7. This was a discretionary invasion for geo-political purposes; it is 
primarily about oil.
8. It will not end until the American people demand that it ends.

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