[Homestead] Brush Hog

Robert Walton waltonrp at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 26 09:19:06 EDT 2004


I'm  looking for some advise. I have 35 acres in Lunenburg County that I am 
looking to occupy as soon as possible. I live in Florida right now. I have 
about 10 acres of the homestead that I need to have brush hogged. I am going 
to be in Virginia in mid October looking for someone that will do this for 

Anyone here know someone in Lunenburg that has a brush hog and about how 
much is a fair price?

The land is pretty level. Old crop land that is growing up with grass and 
weeds, was brush hogged last year by the previous owner. I have no idea what 
would be a fair price to do this, but figure someone here might be able to 
give me an idea.

Thanks in advance,


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