[Homestead] Innumeracy and housebuilding

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Sep 26 01:22:28 EDT 2004

Why when someone else's tax dollars are going to bail you out time after
time?  Same as the idiots that put trailers on the sides of hills in
earthquake country.  The things slide down the hills, the tax payer foots
the bill to stick them on the sides of the hills again and away they go the
next time a big shaker comes along.

Seems to me that their insurance rates should be the same everywhere there
are routine disasters and the only way you get a break is if you mitigate
the circumstances.

We now live in fire country.  We are clearing a hundred feet around the
house of trees and brush.  We're also going to put in a couple of water
tanks.  We purposely bought on a private road that has its own volunteer
fire department (two fire trucks) and already has tanks of water on every
3rd parcel.

When we lived in earthquake country we purposely bought an old redwood house
that had withstood the '06 quake and was on a combo p & p and perimeter
foundation.  We redid all the wiring so that there would be plenty of give.
The same with the water pipes.  We had safety measures in effect for the gas

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From: Gene GeRue <genegerue at ruralize.com>
> I value self-direction, so I have no objections to letting people reap the
> results of their choices. I do object to spending taxes on predictable
> recurring problems, whether flooding of, gasp, flood plains, or the
> of tipsy homes in hurricane alley. It is difficult to understand why
> Florida does not have appropriate building codes.
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