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DSanner106 at aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 9/25/2004 12:24:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>erichall at lycos.com writes:
>I see the U$A authorities diverted an aircraft from Washington DC to Bangor, 
>Maine (at considerable expense) to offload former folk singer Cat Stevens, and 
>deport him back to Britain.
>Well, over 20 years ago he gave some money to help found a mosque in London. 
>And once, he said something nasty about Israel.
>Are you Americans not ashamed and embarrassed to be living in such a 
>hate-filled and racist country? 
>And what about the vote in Iraq?
>Rumsfeld says the vote will only take place where there is no opposition to 
>the American-imposed "authority". So, if you want to vote against the U$A and 
>its puppets, you don't get to vote. It's Florida all over again.
>Are you Americans not ashamed and embarrassed to be living in such a fascist 
>- controlled totalitarian state?
>And what's it got to do with Rumsfeld anyway? I thought you had given "full 
>sovereignty" to the Iraqis? Or is that you give as much sovereignty as you want 
>to give (and not one iota more?) to the Iraqis who are your friends and are 
>giving you all the oil?
>Does your quote of a famous Nazi at the end of your post tip us off as to 
>your allegience??
>Sorry for your lack of understanding of the meaning of Rumsfelds words, or 
>the way the Florida vote was handled. 
>Nope, not ashamed or embarrassed

tvoivozhd---millions of illegal aliens vote with their feet each year in 
leaving their birthplace and heading to the United States for a better 
life for them and their children.  Millions more would do so if they 
could scratch together enough money to get within walking distance of 
our borders.  This toad, Eric Hall jabbers about the Iraqi's "giving 
the  U.S. all the Iraqi oil"  He knows it is a baldface lie, but is 
pleased as a pig with his lies.  The U.S. could use lot of improvement 
in domestic policies and management of the fourteen year-old war against
Saddam, as a good proportion of my posts specifically point out and 
these may happen under a different administration such as that of  
Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt FDR or civil rights under Lyndon Johnson.  Iraq 
will go its own way soon if its long-delayed reconstituted army and 
police will provide order and security----probably with Iraq-requested 
backup such as we provided to Germany and Japan for over seven years.  
No thanks to the Eric Halls of this world who are useless as teats on a 
boar hog, and with a mind to match.

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