[Homestead] Fw: [lace-chat] :) ? Fwd: Find the missing country!

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Sat Sep 25 21:41:23 EDT 2004

According to *U.S. Government* - and all the politicians who wanted
to 'make the news - dated November 2001 - which country had the US 
*never* detected any Al Qaeda activity for, and which, therefore, could 
*not* have been blamed, in the slightest degree, for 9/11???

> http://usinfo.state.gov/products/pubs/terrornet/12.htm<http://usinfo.state.gov/products/pubs/terrornet/12.htm>

Have a good time looking for Iraq because you will *not* find it ....

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