[Homestead] Oil - wait !!

tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sat Sep 25 21:12:45 EDT 2004

Toni Hawryluk wrote:

>Tvo typed :
>>not a peep out of the no-tax clique or any mention that Denmark got off the fossil energy hamster wheel 
>WAIT !! WAIT !! I missed it ! - where/how is the 
>business about Denmark and no "hamster wheel" ???
tvoivozhd---I've posted it several times It took Denmark roughly fifteen 
years to become energy-independent, via a sort of Manhattan Project, 
since they thought it that important. (I have a bunch of Iraqi friends 
living there who enjoy it mightily)). Denmark now relies on fossil 
energy for only two percent of their total energy requirement---all the 
rest comes from renewables, wind, biomass, solar.  If they desired they 
could eliminate that last two percent of oil-dependence..  The United 
States could do it easier and certainly in the same time-span, but feels 
no urgency---two or three dollar gasoline is still cheap and our oil 
and  coal lobby doesn't want to happen.  Bush dragged the hydrogen  Red 
Herring across our energy path a few months back,, but that is to create 
the illusion he is doing smething about switching to an oil alternative 
fuel.  Nothing could be further from the truth---his proposal produces 
hydrogen from coal and oil, and doesn't touch the storage of an 
incompressible gasl

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