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Sat Sep 25 17:26:13 EDT 2004

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erichall at lycos.com writes:
I see the U$A authorities diverted an aircraft from Washington DC to Bangor, 
Maine (at considerable expense) to offload former folk singer Cat Stevens, and 
deport him back to Britain.


Well, over 20 years ago he gave some money to help found a mosque in London. 
And once, he said something nasty about Israel.

Are you Americans not ashamed and embarrassed to be living in such a 
hate-filled and racist country? 

And what about the vote in Iraq?

Rumsfeld says the vote will only take place where there is no opposition to 
the American-imposed "authority". So, if you want to vote against the U$A and 
its puppets, you don't get to vote. It's Florida all over again.

Are you Americans not ashamed and embarrassed to be living in such a fascist 
- controlled totalitarian state?

And what's it got to do with Rumsfeld anyway? I thought you had given "full 
sovereignty" to the Iraqis? Or is that you give as much sovereignty as you want 
to give (and not one iota more?) to the Iraqis who are your friends and are 
giving you all the oil?
Does your quote of a famous Nazi at the end of your post tip us off as to 
your allegience??
Sorry for your lack of understanding of the meaning of Rumsfelds words, or 
the way the Florida vote was handled. 

Nope, not ashamed or embarrassed


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