[Homestead] Scumbag Jeb Bush and his scumbagbiblethumpers loseSciavo case on Constitutional Grounds

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Fri Sep 24 02:33:24 EDT 2004

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From: Tvoivozhd <tvoivozd at infionline.net>
> tvoivozhd---yes, let's stick to the facts, Jeb Bush is responsible for
> keeping the poor animal alive the past two years---now over---the
> Florida Supreme Court ruled he tried to make an end run around prior
> court decision and the Florida Supreme Court brought a final end to the
> Jeb Bush atrocity and the parent atrocity too..

***O.K., so this is good, you admit that you were wrong and it wasn't 14
> tvoivozhd---I repeat WHAT GODDAMNED MONEY?? Husbands are responsible for
> medical bills for their wives---it is probable that he has not filed for
> bankruptcy only because the bills are still accumulating and if he filed
> now, he could not file for another seven years---a huge cloud hanging
> over his head, bill collectors pounding on the door, phone ringing
> constantly. Will the wonderful parents volunteer to pay any part of his
> obligation?---HELL NO!!
***Tvo, no offense, but sounds to me that this is a case of you making up
your mind and damn the facts!

What bills?  He collected a million dollars but attorney's fees plus prior

BOTH the husband and the wife lived at the parents house after she got out
of the hospital (1990-92)!  He collected the MILLION in settlement money in
early '93 and moved Terri into a convo in '94. In '97 he met his current
main squeeze and in '98 petitioned the courts to pull the tubes.

He has refused to divorce Terri and let her parents use TERRI's money to
continue her care.

AND, if he divorced her or if he is as broke as your overly active
imagination portrays him to be, then she would be eligible for medicaide.
People don't have to give up their homes or file bankruptsy to get medicaide
if one person in a marriage goes into a convo.


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